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royksopp is the shit. i don't know where this 40+ trying to be cool shit came from.
I think many FB models are designed to have a slightly elongated toebox, it's biased towards the small footed. Here are my buckle boots, they seem fairly TTS compared to others I've tried.
I want someone like him to date my sister.
I'll need to keep checking with that seller and see if they put up something in my size. I'm into both history and clothing, so it would be interesting to see what the differences are in the classic chucks over the decades. I've never handled the older ones but it seems like the canvas is thicker and there is more reinforcement? Jack Purcell and John Varvatos do a higher quality version but I don't think they do the plain classic design, and I'm not sure if it's American...
I've been trying to get a pair of white highs for cheap on ebay for weeks now without any luck. I just really don't want to pay $40... I'll gladly pay a premium for the same design with better construction MIU though. Used pair from 70s for $300!
That's kind of interesting. That is, apc jeans might not be anymore popular in france than outside of it. I spot APC every once in a while in Los Angeles, especially while shopping at Barney's. Generally I assume anyone rocking APC must have at some point typed "raw denim" into google and gone down the rabbit hole...
Honestly I think you should try to make some simple, personal pieces yourself (not talking shitty feather necklace).I knew a girl who took a mangled shell she fired when she was a kid and put it on a leather cord to make a necklace. Looked great, was personal, and had a story to it.
If it weren't for Artishard's shoes you could almost mistake it for an MC fit. I like both this time though. I like the white shoes a lot though, I feel it's that little something that gives it the "SW&D Teeth"
Just fucking keep them. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
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