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I use them, but I also climb It isn't high fashion or anything of course. I'd also wager that since most people here wear tight pants they don't put them in their pocket. I attach it to the belt loop that's just ahead of the back pocket then let the keys hang within the pocket so they don't dangle.
$45 >>>>>> $40 Gant Rugger for Barney's size small. Worn once, washed once. Fairly slim. Shoulders: 16" P2P: 19.25" Fire away if you need more sizing info/pictures.
It's pointless to ignore because everyone here won't feeding the trolls. Stop acting like a bunch of girls and learn to ignore nonsense. Someone needs to write an extension to filter out the bitchfest that comes up every couple of days.
Really nice fit. SF is beating ToJ really hard into me. Too bad I can't afford one until employment is secured later this year, any by then the MTM option will be gone...The dirty mirror in the first pic makes it look like you have a lip piercing. I think it suits you.
Oh darn, and I was looking forward to getting a jacket upon securing employment. But thinking about it I'm thankful of my super average proportions so hopefully OTR options will have a killer fit as well. Curious how this will affect prices....?
The sneaks are are way to sleek and denim too dark for the hoodie. White shoes and lighter denim would have been waay better.
royksopp is the shit. i don't know where this 40+ trying to be cool shit came from.
I think many FB models are designed to have a slightly elongated toebox, it's biased towards the small footed. Here are my buckle boots, they seem fairly TTS compared to others I've tried.
I want someone like him to date my sister.
I'll need to keep checking with that seller and see if they put up something in my size. I'm into both history and clothing, so it would be interesting to see what the differences are in the classic chucks over the decades. I've never handled the older ones but it seems like the canvas is thicker and there is more reinforcement? Jack Purcell and John Varvatos do a higher quality version but I don't think they do the plain classic design, and I'm not sure if it's American...
New Posts  All Forums: