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Things are gonna need to change real fast for a lot of retailers. Places like that soccer store El Argentino described are dead meat. However, I can still see places with superb service shining. My example in this is REI. If you look hard enough you can probably find most of the gear they sell 5%-15% cheaper if you look hard enough. But I will still buy a lot of my gear directly from them; their staff is always enthusiastic to help and their return policy is amazing if...
fuck either leave it as-is or have that specialty shop in LA work on them. don't put a patch on that shit.
Some of my favorite recent purchases. 7 for all mankind cashmere, $28 vintage frye boots, $32 really fucking love these. some wear but they're built like tanks, not like the new shitty chinese versions
Ding ding ding!shoe's are the god damn answer!
You can buy all kind of labels at outlets. Usually the deadstock no one wants to touch with a ten-foot-pole. Not really sure whats your point.
I'm kinda looking forward to see the collection. But without a doubt this is a ploy by MMM to expose the brand to the young/fashionable demographic so they will spend the $$$ tomorrow for the real thing. I'm almost hoping that there won't be anything in the collab that I'll want to kop. However, an MMM designed blazer in $100-$200 might be nice. Too bad you'll probably need to wait in line for 12 hours for a chance to get a piece before the eBayers do.
These essentially have month of gentle wear to an office and to classes. No washes, clean, no stains, no problem. $90 CONUS Waist: 17.5" Thigh: 11" Hem: 6.85 Inquire for additional photos.
Purchased from another member but unfortunately it didn't fit. Very cool jacket with nice features. Perfect for Summer/Fall. length: 28.75" p2p: 21" $70 CONUS [Note: color is darker than it appears in my photos. it's more khaki in color. see the original sellers listing]
Unfortunately need to give these up. Fading is coming in really nice as you can see in the pictures. 6 months / 3 soaks. Unhemmed. They'll probably look even better after a wash. $90 CONUS Waist: 17" Thigh: 11" [See bottom Pic] Hem: 7.6"
Post pics too.
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