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My guess is that they're emphasizing that they're creating experiences using technology, like with the heattech line. But that's still a pretty bold statement right there.
Not to be a dick but what other alternative are you looking to discover? You wash, maybe even machine dry, they shrink, you wear and they stretch out again. Tis the denim dance.Anyone got any deets on the tasmanian wool suit? I've searched the thread and couldn't find any general info on sizing/slimness of the jacket. I'm in need of an interview suit so I can get back to copping.
I like raw denimz because I can at a moment's notice drop down and change a tire, get on my knees whenever I have to setup stuff or move shit around, and just generally do all kind of manly stuff. All while still looking fabulous. I wouldn't want to do that stuff in trousers.
Good point but I still think there's nothing wrong with wearing luxe stuff in the AM. As long as you're comfortable in it and it's been worn. People generally save their new and crisp clothes for the evening, so it looks odd when you're wearing new $500 pants to the post office in the morning.*edit* didn't notice you emphasized flashy
I'm not from MC at all. And I'm not necessarily out to scrutinize every detail in footwear. I'm just saying saying I've been looking for a non baller sneaker for a yet and haven't been inspired by anything as much as I have by the baller selection. I guess you just have to settle for whichever shape works best for you and isn't built too shabby. Some of the design on Gourmet are pretty good, and so is the price. I hope it isn't another ALDO.
That's the thing, it doesn't seem like there is one or even a few mid-tier sneakers that have both outstanding design and construction at this price point. I can't find anything worth upgrading to... if I don't want to go baller my options are shits like pf flyer, springcourt, jv, seavees, purcells, and the like. Nothing is exciting enough to warrant spending $75+, let alone $150+. Everything is essentially the same minus a few rare exceptions.
Let's just conclude this thread with: Go baller or go $40 vans/cons. [/thread]
Kinda a shot in the dark but can anyone recommend a pair of black pants. Obviously something slim straight that'll work with both boots and sneakers. Don't even mind black jeans as long as the fabric/texture isn't too obviously denim-y. Danke.
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