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Honestly in this fit and your others you just look like random guy, there's nothing slightly remarkable, it isn't of the same caliber as most other WAYWTs.- jacket looks like something you'd wear to walk your dog, there's random writing on the sleeve, it's shapeless and warping and has ugly white draw strings.- graphic on tee is pretty juvenile- i was going to say that pants aren't horrid until i noticed the distressing all the way down the front. they also flair and need...
Dude, calm down. No one is trying to put down your unbrandeds. This forum isn't even as obsessed with high end denim like some other boards. Your jeans are fine, and better than most when considering the public at large. Having said that, the Diesel/TR you posted does look like shit however.
Do you wear them with a belt currently? Or do they stay up? Just size up. It won't kill you if they're a little looser, at least the stitching won't need to hold on for their dear lives whenever you sit.
Do not wear that t. Looks like it's from 90% off rack at guess/express.
I would like naked the images as well. But please do cast the first stone at cb_32.
File under #firstworldproblems Seriously. Just stop discussing denim with those outside superdenim.
This is honestly better than 95% of other mmm hi fits I've seen.
I swear, there needs to be some kind of SW&D ceremony that welcomes in the fall. Maybe where one lays out all the knits and jackets and says a few words of prayer for the oncoming time of steez and swag.
that stare is fucking intense
Vintage Mountaineering
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