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I would like naked the images as well. But please do cast the first stone at cb_32.
File under #firstworldproblems Seriously. Just stop discussing denim with those outside superdenim.
This is honestly better than 95% of other mmm hi fits I've seen.
I swear, there needs to be some kind of SW&D ceremony that welcomes in the fall. Maybe where one lays out all the knits and jackets and says a few words of prayer for the oncoming time of steez and swag.
that stare is fucking intense
Vintage Mountaineering
My guess is that they're emphasizing that they're creating experiences using technology, like with the heattech line. But that's still a pretty bold statement right there.
Not to be a dick but what other alternative are you looking to discover? You wash, maybe even machine dry, they shrink, you wear and they stretch out again. Tis the denim dance.Anyone got any deets on the tasmanian wool suit? I've searched the thread and couldn't find any general info on sizing/slimness of the jacket. I'm in need of an interview suit so I can get back to copping.
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