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Sizing up isn't a solution when correct proportions aren't there. I know Uniqlo is Japanese. I'm just sayin'. It might become a problem for them if they'll want the white bro customers who are accustomed to H&M, BR, and alike. I realize that no brand can fit every customer but if Uniqlo wants to take over the world they need to expand their least common denominator as far as fitting goes.
Probably. It's something in the ratio of shoulder vs armhole vs chest. It kind of varies because the thick oxford is perfect and wish the plaids, flannels, and suiting was similar. Cashmere seems pretty nice, although I couldn't try it on because I should have +1 when I ordered. Should be nice when on sale.*edit* will fit better if you're mongoloid
I've bought into Uniqlo hype and I'm glad that the webstore finally opened but after trying on a number of tops and bottoms I still feel like they favor towards mongoloid-centric cuts. I have a very typical built and found that arm holes are a problem across a lot of shirts and jackets. I do hope with their expansion into NAmerica that they begin to offer measurements more suited for caucasoids and negroids. Will probably still kop sox.
@Notwithit, shirt looks nice and elevates the fit. I pretty much wear a brown belt with everything but the blackest of shoes. Any shade of brown goes quite well with denim and white sneakers. Black belts, like black sneakers are boring as hell. Think I may pick up a white tanner or zissou eventually. @MoK, how many pairs of H&M trousers do you own? That's nuts. I'm imagining you have a storage closet just for H&M pants and you come home and chuck them in the basura
For sure denim is on the way to becoming classic, timeless, and effortless.
jacket looks outstanding, i like brads direction. although i think now is the time to bring leopard print back in form of accessories. socks, gloves, belt, or even tee. think a touch of print will work much better when everything else is more subdued.
J crew washed tees are really great. Although there are sizes seem inconsistent because the ones in outlets aren't as slim (I get these). Hits halfway down the belt, perfect. Calvin Klein also aren't bad. Something to keep in mind if driving by your local Ross/Marshall's.
This is usually the time when people throw Uniqlo selvedge into the ring, but since I haven't handled it, my endorsement is for gap slim selvedge. The poster above me mentioned straight fit but from my experience it isn't as good as the slim fit. I can't remember now to well but when I was in store the slim model seemed to have better denim and details and didn't have pocket details. Either way, sub $100, gap all the way.
LA street names such as Topanga and Cahuenga actually come from the indigenous LA Tongva tribe. So are some other streets that end with nga. Don't know how it ended up being cory's girlfriend's name.
Don't believe the Topanga H&M had armani last time around
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