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Looks pretty nice, what did you pay?
Uniqlo cashmere?
Since it hasn't been resolved yet I also want to suggest fanny packs as another intricate solution to the problem. Especially that rick fanny from 09 with the studs would look pretty badass and keep unnecessary bulges out of your jeans.
This is among the top reasons why we need women
They're just some shitty gray jeans. Geez use your imagination.
I don't think it looks too horrible unless it turns out incredibly extreme -- like the guys on sufu who intentionally keep chew/zippo/wallet in the same pockets for deep fades. Anyway, I tend to alternate pockets where I keep my keys/phone/wallet so the fading has been fairly uniform in that region.
The first pair is definitely better. Is it 514? You might be able to even size down one. Don't buy washed jeans unless the wash is really good, stick to indigo like the first pair.Don't think I've handled them but they're whats considered "mall brand" around here. The retail on them is pretty high so chances are you can get a better fit/quality for same money or less.Don't know what a "regular normal color" is. I think you mean non-faded/washed, generally these are...
^ Don't think there is anything wrong with blue denim. Less aggressive and there is nothing wrong with that. I remember the first waywt with the jacket, somehow looks much much better now. I think people grow into clothes and clothes grow into people.
Just picked up my thrifted levi jacket from the tailor and it fits fucking great now. $30 to slim the body and the sleeves. I think the trick is wearing it with the right pants. With chinos it can look like MC casual going to a sunday ball game and with black jeans it starts approaching hipster territory.
Chest too tight in Uniqlo, get called fat by SF. I know you guys are being facetious but I do fine in most brands' small. I'll try some other stuff because I really want a gray cashmere but I hope they continue to fine tune their fits for North American market.
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