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I don't know what the differences are but I'd just spend a little more and get the original. If you're wearing khakis and polos then clarks are probably a pretty good choice. If you want to ease back into sneakers I'd say go to your favorite brand (nike, converse, adidas, puma, vans, etc) and get the simplest design.
I had a big problem with suddenlee a few weeks ago where it took them some 2 weeks to refund me $500. And that's after they received the goods, was almost getting ready to call the credit card.
I don't take credit for this because I believe RegisDB mentioned cutting off the ribbing off a hanes shirt without destroying the actual hem. I think it's quite nice.
Cool slim/tapered black jeans in essentially new condition. Tagged size is 34. 58% cotton 40% polyester 2% spandex. Made in Italy. check out pics for details and measurements. Price is shipped CONUS
Well, I haven't listened to their earlier stuff in many years and have set myself up for disappointed since it's been a decade. And all the recent releases from my favorite acts have been lackluster. This just brings the eerie and serious instrumentation I love.
Godspeed You Black Emperor (GY!BE) released a new album after 10 years and it's fucking tight.
Looks pretty nice, what did you pay?
Uniqlo cashmere?
Since it hasn't been resolved yet I also want to suggest fanny packs as another intricate solution to the problem. Especially that rick fanny from 09 with the studs would look pretty badass and keep unnecessary bulges out of your jeans.
This is among the top reasons why we need women
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