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Back to the topic of getting cheap uniqlo shit even cheaper. When is cyber monday going live? It's past midnight EST now.
Really like my black dungarees but need/want OGs for the office. The fact that they're always out of stock really sucks. Proof NY option is looking better everyday.
I sized down and I'm pretty happy with the fit. I talked crap about the fit on ULD earlier on this thread but its actually decent when sized properly.
You'd probably be a L. It definitely isn't cropped. Can measure my medium if anyone interested.
Got a black memento amidst the stark frenzy(thx to afixedpoint for sizing help). Really happy with the relaxed fit, the ribbed collar is crazy.
Thank you
Triple Grey Mix... oh god there must be more of these on the internets, there must be...
Looks good. How is it unbuttoned? I just got the 60% Acrylic shawl cardigan and the collar looks like shit. These are coming in mail next week though.
I don't know guys. Maybe it works for you but I've tried on typical REI brands where the shoulders, arms, and torso are much more tailored and even though its $200+ I'd still pay the premium to not look like a potato sack. YMMV.While I'm at it I'll review some stuff from my last order:Bomber Jacket - It's a $40 jacket but fit is spot on. Should be plenty warm and dry for socal autumns. Did I mention that it's a perfect for a $40 jacket?Men Seamless Boxer Briefs - Seem to...
Wanted to like UL and its probably perfectly functional but the cut isn't doing it for me; very wide armholes and overall blocky shape
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