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That's pretty much perfect ChetB
Happy new year.
I don't know what einstine is talking about with "there black is dark gray" I'd say black dungarees are matte black because they have a very slight sign of luster. They don't fade. They don't look like cotton pants/jeans. They'll look brand new after a wash. *edit* Also, not to poo on this thread but can anyone comment on ProofNY Surface Pant vs Outlier OG pant. It seems that Surface Pant doesn't glisten as much as the OGs which would be desirable for me when I want to...
Will probably be much better with a different shirt. Length is making the jacket look short. Also don't like the collar on the shirt and it being buttoned all the way up.
We know jet. We know... For the homies. Pics turned out like shit but wanted to give a sense where the base of the shawl is. Size Medium. Shoulders are like ~17.75. No one stocks SNS in LA huh? Called Unionmade and they only stock SF.
This is what I don't dig about the current stark, it's way too slim for a cardigan. Either size up, get a different model, or wait for them to change the design.
Glad I picked up a black memento for my first SNS. I wanted something more slouchy and it's pretty much perfect. Warm like a mofo too; I spent a week up north in 20ish degree weather with just a memento and a light shell. Only complaint is that the shawl collar is too substantial, unless it's actually frigid then you can pull it up and over your neck.
Back to the topic of getting cheap uniqlo shit even cheaper. When is cyber monday going live? It's past midnight EST now.
Really like my black dungarees but need/want OGs for the office. The fact that they're always out of stock really sucks. Proof NY option is looking better everyday.
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