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I can see it being better with a shorter tee. Looks cropped as F.
Would be much nicer with a white hanes I think.
The twill shorts are really dope. Great cut and pretty solid and only $15! I'm getting like 5. Haven't tried the chinos or linen though. I also really like the powder soft denim too probably won't last but they're essentially perfect in every other way. It's funny -- a couple of years into my 'clothing hobby' and over half my stuff is Uniqlo. This is for a good reason as I've been disappointed with only a small fraction of my purchases. At this point I only really have to...
That's really great toasty
Happy sunday Uniqlo Acne SLP
That's pretty much perfect ChetB
Happy new year.
I don't know what einstine is talking about with "there black is dark gray" I'd say black dungarees are matte black because they have a very slight sign of luster. They don't fade. They don't look like cotton pants/jeans. They'll look brand new after a wash. *edit* Also, not to poo on this thread but can anyone comment on ProofNY Surface Pant vs Outlier OG pant. It seems that Surface Pant doesn't glisten as much as the OGs which would be desirable for me when I want to...
Will probably be much better with a different shirt. Length is making the jacket look short. Also don't like the collar on the shirt and it being buttoned all the way up.
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