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This kind of nav element is good for a site that's heavy in many sections of content but for me this is still a forum and doesn't add a whole much it seems. Unless we can go down to a thread from navigation...
Sup, Kent Wang $95
Got a few pairs of the the +J trousers, pretty solid and cozy as heck for this LA winter. Then the jackets appeared in my size for $99 so I got the black and gray :D
I'll just join in the late late party at this point. Stitches, this is your SW&D Stairway to Heaven
Just got my order of urban sweats. The way the zip up jacket is cut it feels like it should have been leather instead of sweats. Details, like in the collar just flop around lifelessly. Cargo sweats look nice but I should have sized up. Really wish the sweatshirt fit cause it's pretty good cotton and has cool details. Sizing up makes you look like a pilsburry dough boy. On the upside I'm really digging the wool cashmere blazer for $100. Really cool texture/feel and the...
I can see it being better with a shorter tee. Looks cropped as F.
Would be much nicer with a white hanes I think.
The twill shorts are really dope. Great cut and pretty solid and only $15! I'm getting like 5. Haven't tried the chinos or linen though. I also really like the powder soft denim too probably won't last but they're essentially perfect in every other way. It's funny -- a couple of years into my 'clothing hobby' and over half my stuff is Uniqlo. This is for a good reason as I've been disappointed with only a small fraction of my purchases. At this point I only really have to...
That's really great toasty
Happy sunday Uniqlo Acne SLP
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