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My God what are they feeding the Hobbits these days. I've never seen one so big. Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1
I have a beau brummel labeled necktie I bought at Marshall's for 15 bucks. It's an attractive and well made tie. Beyond that, in the words of Sgt Schultz, I know nothing.
I'd wear it on days when I'm not wearing my oscar the grouch shirt.
I just ordered the madras blazer. For 43 bucks what the hell
You make big trouble for moose and squirrel?
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen All sale items at Hickey Freeman are now an additional 25% off. That makes many of the ties $22.50. Are any of them actually available though? I must have selected 10 different ties and for each color selection it said OUT OF STOCK.
Minor personal preference issues aside (I'd have omitted the ticket pocket on a peak lapel jacket and I like a lower button stance), the suits look excellent to me. I'd say you did very well indeed. Enjoy!
Threadbearer, I share your frustration. I finally found a chino blazer at LLBean of all places which is sized and comes in shorts and longs. They don't have a 41 but they run large anyway so a 40L or possibly even a 38L would probably fit you well. I picked up mine at an outlet for 60 bucks. If no outlet near you check out the chino blazer on their website. Cheers. Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Where might I find that jacket, or, better...
Nailed on post number one. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I think that the beaver allusion is very 1970s retro (before the Brazilian wax and laser hair removal.) The 70s are about to be cool any day now. I would keep it in anticipation of this turning point. - B Really, though, try a full beard. It would probably suit you better.
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