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Mike it is for me as well. Love the fabric on the suit, while the double-breasted on TTO doesn't really do it for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I once had a case with a rather snooty but quite attractive female prosecutor who told the judge the drugs were recovered in an armoire. The judge replied "There are no armoires in East Baltimore." The same prosecutor once disparaged my explanation to a different judge that my client was merely showing what he had just bought to a friend and not attempting to sell it to him: "Oh sure, let me show you my crack." I...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe Where is Filson on the curve? I'd say its moving out of saturation into overhyped.
Quote: Originally Posted by theclipper Luckily I was able to exchange them with Revolve and get the 28s special ordered. So you guys don't think the amount of stacking looks too ridiculous? I've never really wore a pair of jeans that stacks. If I were to hemm, should I do it soon or wait for the jeans to break-in more? I like a lot of stacking, but its really all personal preference. I would hem before you start fading the denim. Seems to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike This? It's an Alpina - I think it's probably slightly later than WWI, but it's absolutely the trench style, it even has the Breguet hands, like a pocket watch. What is this called when there is sort of only one attachment point for the band to the case. I know a few modern Longines have this style and I really love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by thorocraft Not everyones cup of tea but this suede boat shoe is definitely my GO TO shoe when im hangin out.. Love the blue suede, but I have an intense aversion to any deck shoes with more than two eyelets on the quarters. Two eyelets is so engrained for me that I always think shoes with three or more have some sort of weird growth on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Weejuns are blake/rapid. You can get 'em resoled if you want. They're cheap because the construction is minimalist- which works great for a penny loafer. That, and the leather ain't top grade. A lot of shoes in that price range are gluejobs, but weejuns (past a certain point, anyway- the rubber sole ones are) aren't. Oooooh, alright thanks. Guess Weejuns are pretty good for the price point. I had a pair...
Email sent a few days ago and PM follow-up just sent.
Barney's Coop at The Grove, maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro Jay from Blue Owl said he'd be one of the only North American establishments to get them. There is a Canadian store Cosmic Bobo I think that have a few pairs in stock. Hmm, thanks very much. What about just trying on the standard N&Fs in the L.A. area so I could order the Momotaros online once I get the proper waist size/make sure the fit is good?
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