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God those boots are unbelievable. And the green shoes, holy balls. Boots are literally exactly what I want, wont fit though.
If only the inseam was longer. Those jacket arms would fit me perfectly, but I need at least 35" on the inseam. Who has arms that long and legs that short?
Full Sail Ltd. lager. Pretty good.
Wash your shirts on cold then bunch up the body and stretch them from the armpits down to the waist vertically as hard as you possibly can. Line dry. I do this with AA t-shirts and after 6-7 wash/wear cycles like this they even fit long on me. I'm 6'5." I've taken even boxy, short Fruit of the Loom shirts and made them tall and really slim. The body of the shirt gets slimmer as it gets taller. Perfect solution.
I have the Persol 2965 V and they are definitely not too flashy. I have interviewed (and landed) jobs at very conservative, large firms and worked in business formal and business casual environments and they do just fine. This is coming from a junior employee who would be ripped on for wearing, for example, cufflinks and french cuffs. The Persols are definitely not too flashy. They are great glasses, hope you pick up a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by inimitable You might want to retie that knot before you leave the forum. Seriously, what is it with this "knot an inch down from the collar" shiz that everybody seems to be doing. I see it all the time in photos on the red carpet, etc. Cinch that biatch up, it looks horrible!
Can anyone ID the maker of these jeans? The skull patch seems pretty distinctive, but I cant find anything.
SHOES. Significantly upped my game just by getting into AEs. Have a pair of Strands in Walnut and black Moras. Also have a bespoke suit on the way for my job out of college this coming summer. EDIT: Also denim. Really want some N&F x Momos or Dior 19cms.
I never was super interested in seeing Inception, but now that I see those great braces I'll probably watch it tonight. Funny what SF can do to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Annadale +1 It's the murderer's gloves that tip this into 'creep'. That combined with what looks like an odd gait and the big smile looks like he just escaped from Chris Hansen. Killer shoes though.
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