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Quote: Originally Posted by theclipper Luckily I was able to exchange them with Revolve and get the 28s special ordered. So you guys don't think the amount of stacking looks too ridiculous? I've never really wore a pair of jeans that stacks. If I were to hemm, should I do it soon or wait for the jeans to break-in more? I like a lot of stacking, but its really all personal preference. I would hem before you start fading the denim. Seems to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike This? It's an Alpina - I think it's probably slightly later than WWI, but it's absolutely the trench style, it even has the Breguet hands, like a pocket watch. What is this called when there is sort of only one attachment point for the band to the case. I know a few modern Longines have this style and I really love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by thorocraft Not everyones cup of tea but this suede boat shoe is definitely my GO TO shoe when im hangin out.. Love the blue suede, but I have an intense aversion to any deck shoes with more than two eyelets on the quarters. Two eyelets is so engrained for me that I always think shoes with three or more have some sort of weird growth on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Weejuns are blake/rapid. You can get 'em resoled if you want. They're cheap because the construction is minimalist- which works great for a penny loafer. That, and the leather ain't top grade. A lot of shoes in that price range are gluejobs, but weejuns (past a certain point, anyway- the rubber sole ones are) aren't. Oooooh, alright thanks. Guess Weejuns are pretty good for the price point. I had a pair...
Email sent a few days ago and PM follow-up just sent.
Barney's Coop at The Grove, maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro Jay from Blue Owl said he'd be one of the only North American establishments to get them. There is a Canadian store Cosmic Bobo I think that have a few pairs in stock. Hmm, thanks very much. What about just trying on the standard N&Fs in the L.A. area so I could order the Momotaros online once I get the proper waist size/make sure the fit is good?
Which stores in the SoCal area might carry the N&F x Momotaro collab? Would be my first pair of N&F so really looking to try on/see the collabs or even just try on some Skinny Guys. Any ideas?
Socks are fine and muted, tie is a bit JAB-esque, but the suit looks fantastic and fits well.
Ohhh god, I wish I could afford the Westminsters...even at only 40% on.
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