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Seriously, lets get back to the first tangent of this thread. That TF suit on Mizz Belle is fantastic. Love, LOVE when women do menswear.
I just want to see what the eventual buyer does with them...
I just ate a whole bag of beef jerky while reading this threak. Just thought I'd toss that in. I think I feel my brow growing more prominent as I type.
Where in midtown NYC can I pick up some cheap wooden bead bracelets?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker You guys are cornballs. I have not even unpacked my luggage yet...pics will have to be tomorrow. Maaaaaan. C'mon!
Yes, yes! Excited as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. If you're looking for a REAL boat shoe (i.e. you really sail), then I suggest: HARKEN: Men's Classic Leather Shoes ($119.00) Wore these last season and they are VERY comfortable and provide excellent wet traction. Sorry, but this is what you wear if you're REALLY sailing. I know, not SF-approved in the slightest. Not that I've ever sailed in these.
God those boots are unbelievable. And the green shoes, holy balls. Boots are literally exactly what I want, wont fit though.
If only the inseam was longer. Those jacket arms would fit me perfectly, but I need at least 35" on the inseam. Who has arms that long and legs that short?
Full Sail Ltd. lager. Pretty good.
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