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Email sent!
Gah I want my jacket eventually but gah this is such BS and it makes me want to start a chargeback so badly on principle.
So is it just me or did half the spreadsheet get deleted?
Bump with price drop
+1, def need a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by dacia1300 for the love of gawd somebody pm me the pic, this is epic. Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche +1 +2! This threak delivers.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Helpful Hint - Holy crap. This is so simple and so genius. Holy crap. I think I'm hyperventilating. This is going to revolutionize my pistachio-eating experience!
Prince Jefri has GOT to be compensating for something. I mean, seriously. I understand that you would get used to being able to do anything money could buy...but, c'mon. HOWEVER, if I had practically unlimited funding at my disposal I would get the sweetest wardrobe ever. Like, Vox's closet pics would be nothing compared to my closet. I'm sure many of us would agree on this.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe +1
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