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Hi @luxire @LuxireStudio, any plans to stock more heavyweight linen or linen-cotton blend pants fabrics? Somewhere in 10-15oz range would be preferable. I see these two as the only heavyweight linens: Any I'm missing? Something in dark navy and something in burgundy would be awesome.
Done, ty for link again.
Early Aug '13 (8/7/13 I think) black lamb MDR arrived yesterday. No tracking. Jacket is much thicker and heavier than I expected, which is good. I was almost regretting not going with calf until I felt it yest. But I went too generous on cuff now to find a leather tailor in NYC. Happy overall though.
December orders getting tracking before August...makes sense.Ridiculous.
We don't have a little more time. Assuming the 262 (!) outstanding orders from the spreadsheet is correct, the promise entailed >130 jackets would have had to go out by now. I'm skeptical that Drew is even running at 10% of that rate.
a handful != the bulk of the orders"Within the month" is over already. Add this promise to the bucket. ^ Think Drew hate-deleted the spreadsheet again
So every time Drew makes another bs promise to deliver the jackets "in a couple of months" everyone is going to hold off on the chargebacks they threatened? I say have at it already. We're one more round of promises away from officially being able to say that ToJ has been making the same promise for years. Of course, if I were Drew and this thread was filled with chargeback threats for months, I'd have emptied the ToJ PayPal account long ago. But given the state of the...
I'm as frustrated as anyone here but maybe don't be a dck to the guy who is helping out PRO BONO.
Agreed. I don't see any reason why people shouldn't stick to the Dec 31st chargeback deadline. If there's no meaningful progress (like, through at least 25% or 50% of the whole order log?) then I say everyone fire away with the chargebacks. And this is coming from someone who paid via bank account and would probably end up getting screwed.I have a feeling we won't hear sht from Drew for a while. Although I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong and see full...
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