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k, I found and watched La Haine.Enjoyed it very much.There were a few scenes where I found myself thinking of Do the Right Thing. [[SPOILER]]
I have not yet, but I'll be looking it up, as well as the other suggestions!thx all
A Prophet Enjoyed it, although I think I lost some of the subtlety within the interactions via the subtitles. Motivated me to dig around for more french films.
Jesse has come a long way from Captain Cook and the chili-p to the man with the plan.
They just cut him. Miami releases Johnson
I would have liked to have seen that as well.
I went back and watched this.It was almost like the crowd was carrying Farah to the finish.The announcers were great.
HBOGO is awesome.
Correct..... and last year he played with one of the best quarterbacks in the league and caught like 15 balls.
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