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Jesse has come a long way from Captain Cook and the chili-p to the man with the plan.
They just cut him. Miami releases Johnson
I would have liked to have seen that as well.
I went back and watched this.It was almost like the crowd was carrying Farah to the finish.The announcers were great.
HBOGO is awesome.
Correct..... and last year he played with one of the best quarterbacks in the league and caught like 15 balls.
Between this and the f-bomb interview he really is going to have to go into pr0n.Although its not like Miami has a lot of alternatives at WR.
I feel for Uceny, but I would have liked to have seen her get up and finish the race. The crowd at the London stadium seems pretty knowledgeable, I think she would have received a nice ovation.
I would lean toward No and No.But it does dilute it a little for me.
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