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Every time I watch the Nets, I just see Pitbull coaching them.
Hibbert gotz to go.... he either straight up quit on the team or is a total headcase. I've never seen anyone that young fall off like that.
I'm not sure how all that stuff works, but I think all that goes to an independent arbitrator so it might not take as long as you think.
Adam Silver is serious business. They're going to force his ass to sell.
Is it going to be a recurring series?
Stringer Bell.
Did any one catch it last night? Its on my DVR but I'm pretty backed up on shows atm. Matthew McConaughey has been on a roll lately. Worth watching?
I think Melissa Stark still has it too. And she apparently takes it in the pooter.
You're damned right.The Cowboys have so many issues, its exhausting to even try to break them down.... but Romo IS a problem.But he'll dodge most the criticism like he always does.
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