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For Sale: Used but in good condition black Armani Collezioni 100% leather lambskin 3 button coat. Size 44 regular. Seems kind of like a 3/4 length coat. Brand new it was around $2500. The pics show wear on the sleaves as well as a snag on the front of the jacket near the bottom of the left side. These imperfections are hardly noticeable. Please message me with any questions. Thanks! Update: Price Drop: $600. Measurements: Chest- 23 in Length- 34 in Shoulder- 21...
Got my 31 WGs today and they fit really well. waist is just a little tight so these must be TTS. Any way to minimize stretching? Just wear a belt right? Also, can I tuck long sleeve dress shirts into these things, or does that look funny? I tried it today and i think it looked ok, i'll post pics later. Thanks
makes sense. sorry for my noob/rookie behavior coming for advice without measurements. Next i'll come correct
2 inches bigger the tagged size? so the 29s i got were actually 31s? this doesn't make any sense i wear 30s in rock and republic and the 29s were almost impossible to button
I was able to button the 29s but it was a struggle. it was insufferable not just at the waist, but the crotch area and the thighs were WAY too tight.
Thank you all for the responses. I went to 31 because the 30s were out of stock, and i took the gamble because of the 29s were so ridiculously small, i figured the 30s couldn't have been that much better. Also, i think it's likely that I'm somewhere in between 30 and 31. I will post measurements when i find some measuring tape.
I'm the one who is normally a 30 waist who got the 29 WGs and they were unbearable. Returned them and just ordered a 31. You guys think these will work out? Or will the waist stretch too much?
you guys better hope these things stretch out to fit me. I cant afford to waste money on jeans that don't fit. I took the advice of this forum to size down one now I am ready to unleash my fury on you all. Just kidding around but for real it would really suck if they don't stretch out.
you must have the skinniest thighs ever. I wear a 30 in Rock n Republic and the 29 weird guys were PAINFUL to put on responding to mike868 from march 2011 when he said: 32, if not 31. My true waist is 30 and 29 WGs were barely snug on me when new.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Yes, the style is surprisingly perfect considering the price, and they look like their not even corrected grain either. I can't imagine finding anything better for a similar price (other than on eBay). thank you for the response. what does correct grain mean?
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