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Quote: Originally Posted by Eight I don't like jackets that aren't available in short sizes and am wary of generic sizings like S-M-L. Based on what I see I bet it will fit you like a glove.
How about solid white? I suggest searching the forum before you buy the suit. I've seen many threads on wedding attire.
Jos Bank has suit separates in 37R. Probably online only for that size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff if only there were a way to hold the collar in place - like, if it could somehow be buttoned down onto the shirt. Exactly. I only wear button-down collars unless I am wearing a tie.
Men's Wearhouse in the US and Marks & Spencer in the UK both sell 38L sport coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by incastoutcast Find a thinner watch? (you can keep your thick one, just have a thinner one for dressy shirts...) I agree with this.
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 the Sports Authority on La Salle St. in Chicago. Okay, so Sports Authority is hardly high-end men's wear, but the individual who helped my fiance and I was wonderful. I was looking for a very specific kind of fit for a cross-training shoe, and he happily spent as much time as needed to make sure I found what I wanted. My fiance was looking for a particular type of walking shoe, and he spent a significant...
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I live in Texas, and when it gets to ~120F during the summer, this look is fine as business casual. Personally, I think without the jacket, the sleeves should be rolled up. Just make sure the vest fits you and isn't big like on that model. The main thing about this look is having the additude/confidence/swagger to pull off a vest. Here is an example of me: What sort of business are you conducting in...
Quote: Originally Posted by najpie Up to 40% off. 50% of peal and co, 25% off other shoes, 40% off ties, dress shirts 3 for $159. Dress shirts seem to normally be 3 for $199 so that's only 20% off. Disappointing.
This one has a removable liner.
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