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I wash in cold inside out with the buttons undone and the collars up. I put in the dryer for a few minutes the same way and then hang the same way while still damp. I don't flip the collar down until after i put them on to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by mispoke I have a grey pinstripe 3-button suit that I regret buying (because of the pinstripes). This is all I have to wear to an upcoming event, and was wondering if there is any way to mitigate the lengthening/thinning effect. I think throwing a pocket square in there would help (and only buttoning middle button), but do let me know what else. Maybe wear a white shirt and a burgundy tie so there is a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by pstoller Pilling is caused by abrasion; the more friction to which an area of the fabric is subject, the more likely it is to pill. Should I avoid brushing my sweaters then or is a soft brush fine?
More affordable options: - you can return to any Sears store Jos A Bank
I prefer online if I can get free shipping and free returns.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorially senseless "you cant wear a [solid] charcoal suit all year round" So if your friend went to a job interview or funeral in the summer he would wear a light colored suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by jaggy I'm a big fan of the Brooks x-slim fit shirts for the money, assuming you stack the buy 3 deal with a 25%+ off sale (or at least the corporate discount card). They fit me OTR almost as well as MTM, which is rather convenient. I'm looking forward to the non-iron variety and hoping Brooks offers more shirts with their ainsley collar. When will BB be selling the extra slim non-iron?
Looks like they are long enough to keep your ankles covered while seated.
Unbutton the bottom button; only button the top button.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eight I don't get it ? Click on the link again. It links to a pair of gloves.
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