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Reevolving - why not post a pic of your vintage tweed jacket with the low gorge?
In my opinion buying a replica is the same as buying stolen merchandise.
+2 I have some button-down collars that fall down and I don't wear those shirts anymore.
I had sleeves lengthened on a sport coat and for some reason the vents are gone.
First, make sure you are wearing the pants above your hips, not below them. That should solve the low hanging crotch. Then get the pants that fit best in the seat and thighs and have a tailor alter the waist to fit.
I believe most size 40 are 18.5 to 19.5 so double check your measurements and also see if maybe the shoulders are a tad tight on your suit.
What kind of Starbucks does not have air conditioning?
If the sleeve has 4 buttons now could you just remove the bottom one and keep the other 3 where they are?
Quote: Originally Posted by QBNCGAR The problem I keep seeing on various websites is that very few "tall" sizes are available slim, and very few slim shirts are available in a tall size. I wear a 44 XL jacket and they generally fit perfect off the rack (maybe a tiny bit of bunching in the center back just between the collar and shoulder blades that I have tightened up); my shirt size is 17.5" x 37". The 36" are uncomfortably short. I have fewer and...
Quote: Originally Posted by garymyman I hear Sears sells Land's End; do they carry the Canvass stuff? Some Sears stores carry Canvass and some don't. No Sears store is going to carry everything available at though. I find it's best to order online and then return to a Sears store, if necessary.
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