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Quote: Originally Posted by mcnallym83 Hey, guys. I'm new, so I figured this would be the best place to start. Nice. You seem to have mastered the most important thing of all, which is to present the image that will generate the response you want!
Mark Twain did it. So sure you can wear white all year. However, people who do so unaware of the conventions usually stand out like sore thumbs. The rule was created to "protect" them as much as anything. You just have to think about all the variables in creating your fit so that you make it look right and so that you feel comfortable in it. Even if you're an absolute master of the casual, you'll be seen as making a statement, which is fine with me. Most of my winter...
As for fit: With biker jackets, the rule of thumb always seems to be that you have to size up. I've never found one I could move in otherwise. I don't know why they're cut so slim. On the other hand, one can understand why the sleeves are always long, which is to cover the wrists when arms are stretched forward to grip the handlebars. So what I'm saying is that getting the right fit in a leather jacket is a slight bit tricky or different from choosing any other garment....
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This thread is a perfect example of why I almost never look at the Body Consciousness forum. But you have to admit, you originate some of the best threads here. In fact, I was just checking to see if you had anything new in the forum.
I love them and couldn't imagine eliminating them from my wardrobe. They add such interest.
No matter which end of the sleeves is altered, it's a fairly simple job and I've never had even the least bit of dissatisfaction with the result of either. My point is that sometimes we imagine alterations are of monstrous proportions when they're handled routinely by tailors. So the first person I ask is the tailor, not my friends.
Generally I deliberately try to avoid matching socks to either shoes or pants; instead, I'm most particular that the socks work with the whole outfit, and that's where I find the practice of matching socks to shoes or pants to fail on most people. For it's a simplistic guide that misleads people to think they've made the right choice when frankly I'd say they give the impression of being color blind. Oftentimes I choose a color that's in the same color family as long as...
For their mix of style and utility, there's nothing that beats arm bands. I'm quite fond of wearing them, sometimes for adjusting a wonky shirt-sleeve length under my jacket and more often simply for the way they look when I remove my jacket. They give a touch of style, which besides getting interest suggests authority. Consider how helpful they are for keeping shirt cuffs clean when jacketless, or for keeping the cuffs dry when washing one's hands. I always wear them...
The worst regulations I've run up against are "casually dressy" because they really mean Kenneth Cole. In any case, I'm often considered "elitist" because I simply pay little attention to "fitting in" and dress very traditionally. It has never hurt me. ----- "The problem is that they're not standardizing quality - they're just standardizing." "” Creative Communications for a Successful Design Practice, Whitney Library of Design
Red Bull if I'm dancing; it keeps me dancing until sunrise. Order it on the rocks, of course (it's dreadful by itself), with citrus. And if the bartender asks what kind of citrus, say both lemon and lime.
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