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Looks better than OTR, but not quite MTM
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont I already returned the 2010 edition to the library so cannot easily compare the two editions now, but for someone who can compare both - what are some of the changes? I noticed in the 2010 edition Flusser mentioned Brooks Brothers as offering a certain type of formal shoe, while BB wasn't mentioned in the 1996 reference. How about something significant - like a philosophical change in the new edition? Search...
Quote: Originally Posted by NachoBroadway I endorse Joseph Abboud for under $300. +1 I paid about $250 for my Abboud suit, and it literally got me the job (and some compliments). No complaints here. Threadstater, there's really no reason to return the suit- unless it is especially ill-fitting. Remember the world outside of SF is far less harsh and critical than we are. You never noticed tie to lapel width synchrony before you logged on here,...
Quote: Originally Posted by cgo Such a nice establishment you have there niidawg...I can only wish one day... +1
Yikes. Funny thing is I actually like some of the patterns, but the cut & general styling of the "suits" is just terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by Antedote a 3-piece suit with a few innovations (special blackberry pocket in the pants to minimize the bulge, hidden key pocket in the front of the pants also to minimize bulge, exposed belt buckle on the vest via a cutaway), and overall very well-constructed (IMHO). I'd really appreciate any feedback on how it looks + how it could be improved for next time. Thanks! -A Lose the gimmicks
Suit looks damn good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Maybe we could have a Don Cherry vs. Craig Seger walkoff? Sager FTW
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Black suit, even pinstriped, is going to look too much like a tuxedo without actually being a tuxedo. I think your bow tie is the one element in your ensemble that would allow you to bring some colour to an otherwise drab sounding outfit. +1
Doesn't really fit you well at all sorry to say. Kinda looks OTR (at best). Interesting that you commisioned a suit from that blazer fabric. I didn't know they did that. Why did you request 3-button?
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