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I could never pull this off today...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith There's always Aili and Mysuitforless, Holy shit, that website is a clusterfuck. Broken links, no picture enlargement, poor categorization, etc. Not easy on the eyes either. I actually don't doubt the suits are quality, but these guys can not put a website together. The exact opposite of Indochino, perhaps?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sid I've had a piece of cloth sewn to the back of the collar to make a place for a collar stay. Can you explain this? Wouldn't it be simpler to just create the slot I'm wondering the same thing as the OP
Is it the same tailor that made this blazer:: ?? He's incredible, man
To echo the others, Structure is branded via Sears now 98% chance the jacket at Marshall's is from that line rather than being a garment produced 10 years ago Side note: The Structure stuff at Sears is actually pretty decent. Probably the best stuff you'll find there besides LE
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby Idea: Foo and one of the many tailors on this forum team up and implement the foofed changes for a nominal fee. I love this idea. So much.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan It's not too big at all. The body of the jacket actually appears to fit quite well. I was thinking the same thing. It looks fine man. Being your size is so difficult, I would just keep it
Give it a few weeks. Usually online editorials/ interviews/ features with and about the costume designer and wardrobe department will sprout up.
Just say no to polyester.
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