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Flashback to the mid-90s, and today's crappy thrift stores
Best fit appears to be the Jcrew 38R (in the "action shot"). Looks VERY good for an OTR piece, though I would shorten the sleeves ever so slightly. With that said, the general rule of thumb is find a size you feel comfortable in and then go a size down. Case in point 40 -> 38
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis I agree, but its a very thin line to walk.... Good point.
All things considered, I like that jacket. I believe it would work as a sport coat, assuming you can get the rest of the outfit to gel.
Holy fuck. The lapel width is ungodly. Sorry, that thing just doesn't work.
Why are we championing BB as some sort of magnum opus in men's suiting? Threadstarter may have just the same OTR fit issues with most of their lines, given the demographics - albeit the quality would be much better though
Quote: Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass For the cost of both suits, plus outsourced alterations, you could go to Brooks and pick up one 1818 suit on sale with the cost of most alterations included. I would go this route. Not necessarily
Ignore the Style Forum sheep, both suits fit pretty good by "real world" standards. Obviously though, do get them tailored. Hopefully your tailor has a fair understanding of modern men's fit for someone with your build. Bring the sleeves in and shorten, taper the waist a bit, maybe shorten the gray jacket a smidgen, and slim down the pants I have a feeling the tailoring will work wonders. Post before and after pictures. Ignore the asinine Style Forum banter and stick...
That whole look is a bit contrived and overdone to me, but at the same time, you'll probably look better than every other schmuck at your graduation
Holy fuck. Learn how to properly tie a knot.
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