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Quote: Originally Posted by dkoernert My problem with their line is finding shirts that fit. I don't know what your build is like, but they can be a decent value if they fit you. Most are pretty tent-like, even the "fitted" or slim-fit shirts are pretty large in my experience. I too have a hard time finding shirts there that fit (atleast by SF standards), which is strange because you would think it would actually be MORE economical to produce...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw I love gingham and wear it all the time. It's great for casual shirts but solid jacket + solid tie (particularly wool or cashmere) + gingham shirt is an excellent look IMO. +1 on everything you just said
Christ, what did people do before the internet? Wear a nice suit, shirt and tie. Treat it as the formal occasion it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym I am. Sure, some women of all ages are attracted to guys for wearing recognizable brand name clothing, and other foolish reasons, as MS and AB point out in this related thread. But such attraction is superficial and short-lived. If all you care about is superficial, short-lived relationships (ie one-night stands) then great. Eventually, you'll tire of this and you'll realize it causes not only boredom but also real...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum These are all terrible. I'll admit that 'for a 16-year old pop sensation' it could be a lot worse, but it is far from "sophisticated and mature". Well it depends a lot on the playing field I think. In relative terms, I consider it sophisticated and mature. In no other thread would I reference Bieber besides this one. OP can dress like Vox all he wants, but at 16 years old it just doesn't look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Ahh yes, because one photo of one outfit is indicative of a celebrity's entire style. Come on, for a 16-year old pop sensation he dresses pretty f'ing well.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Yet another post by somebody who wants their ego stroked. They realize they are a little fish in a big pond and get upset. I think he expected us to be blown away by his "plum check" shirt, animal print tie and the fact that he's 16. OP: the whole get-up looks a bit silly and contrived. To a certain degree I applaud you, but I think the "I'm going to wear grown-up clothes" mentality will do more to...
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands My boss actually just complimented the look. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that no one really scrutinizes our clothes the way that we do. +1000
Terrible for Bespoke, looks like marginally acceptable OTR.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Yes, generally very good but the styling can be idiosyncratic so it may not be easy to sell on. The other thing to watch out for is that Flusser has licensed his name in the past, so do the usual quality checks as well to make sure you're getting the goods. I have a feeling that the Flusser suit in question is licensed and not bespoke
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