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Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman What are you saying? We're no less trustworthy than anyone else (or more trustworthy, for that matter). I'm pretty much in agreement with this. I'm sure in the UK counterfeits are plentiful, as are authentic. No different from the US, I would think. Just shop smart and scrutinize for authenticity before purchasing.
Funny you have trouble finding them, because I see them every where I go. Banana Republic Gap Any department store (Macy's, Lord and Taylor, JC Penny, Sears) Any discount department store (Marshalls/ TJ Maxx/ Kohl's/ Steinmart etc.) Literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of online retailers There's really no shortage. It would be harder for me not to find them.
I actually have a Flusser blazer from SteinMart. I like it. It's saphire blue with a nice pop to it. Wore it to an interview about 9 months ago and got the job. SteinMart, like most discount retailers, is hit or miss. I've gotten a few gems there, enough to keep me checking in once every couple of weeks. Plus, it's usually fairly quiet and the staff is very friendly, so I enjoy the shopping experience. There's one about 8 miles from me. No complaints about them really....
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