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From what I can see, that suit fits you beautifully.I'm no expert, and I'm sure others will pick it apart - but overall it looks exponentially better than what I typically see here. And I'm awfully critical most of the time.
they'll alter the button stance?correct me if i'm wrong but i thought that was just the design of the jacket, rather than a fit option.looks excellent in the pictures btw
Why can't a search go to the specific post rather than the whole thread? Sifting through WAYWRN III just to see one image is a bitch of a nightmare. It's mind-boggling that an existing option, so simple and convenient, was removed. FYI, I've gone from visiting this site several times a day to once every week, at best. Well done boys.
Exactly!I do not know code nor do I claim to. Perhaps on a technical level the new platform is better - but as somebody who uses the search function every day, I believe it is a tremendous downgrade in functionality and practicality.
Search function... please improve it, or easy solution - revert back to the old one. For example, options like "all of the words" "any word" are gone. And the results page is a mess, with marginal accuracy. Christ I hate this redesign. Sorry for the negativity, but it gives me a headache even to think about it. I've only been logging on to SF with a the glimmer of hope that the old layout has returned.
Good catch. Click traffic stats. Down over 10% this month.Numbers don't lie. I went from visiting this site multiple times per day, to once or twice a week.
+1Same thing I was thinking. Suits on The Office, assuming they are OTR, seem to fit better than they do in a real office. My guess is the wardrobe department is using a damn good tailor.
I see your point - and was actually wondering the same thing.My guess is celebrities, athletes and the Scott Disick's of the world get higher quality workmanship, better fabrics and more preliminary fittings. I think their A&B experience (via their agent or whomever) is a little more involved, expensive and handled with better care vs. Joe Schmo from the suburbs.Just a guess. Because I too have seen athletes and other well known individuals wearing an A&B suit that seemed...
I'm sure I have absolutely no pull, or substantial impact in the day-to-day operations of Styleforum - but would at least like to weigh in. Rather than create a new thread echoing a chrous, I figure I'd drop my 2 cents here, just hoping it doesn't go unheard. When I heard about the new layout/ aesthetic coming to the forum I wasn't particularly excited but decided to remain optimistic. Also, I made a conscious decision to evaluate it patiently and objectively. After...
Saw them on "How I Made My Millions" last night, figured I'd do some research on the brand. In a nutshell, their neckwear does nothing for me. They charge $75 for a tie (very high margins by their own admission) which IMO is ridiculously overpriced for something so costume looking and contrived. Rest assured I wouldn't pay it. But, I particularly like the pattern/ color scheme of the first shirt posted by OP - even if it does seem like a marketing push.
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