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NYC would have to be included on that short list... no?
Oh yea, Audible is a PITA. Easiest thing to do is burn the file onto a CD, and rip it back to your computer as an MP3. It takes about 5 minutes, but eliminates any hassle for future listening.
Just try not to take yourself too seriously. IMO that is more important than wearing any particular designer or capturing a certain look. That said; casual dress shirts, cardigans, chinos, blazers, nice sneakers, etc would mesh nicely and create sharp casual ensemble. Little details, like nice belts & dark socks also make a big difference.
Some absolute beauties in there. I've always wondered how the bespoke tie process works exactly. Can you dream up different patterns & colors or are you choosing from base fabrics?
If you've already used hypnosis in the past, then I'm very confident it will work for you. Let me know how you do! With the nail-biting program, I started noticing results the next day.
Whoa - just got a flashback.
I must agree...
+1 for Blue Moon
You should definitely try hypnosis. I tried hypnotherapy to break a nail-biting habit and it worked like a charm (knock on wood!). I used this guy and he's really good. Turns out he also has a Stop Smoking program. Try listening to it with headphones every day for 3 weeks:
Scratch that, I was referring to the Purple Label suit. I misread & jumbled up your thread a little bit. You could narrow the pants slightly, and everything else seems to be spot-on.To your point, the first suit in question could be tweaked a little more. Still though, not an offensively poor fit by any stretch.
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