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This appears to be very close (and on sale): or...
Century 21 is my favorite store
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 You'll just have to work that into the rotation as a sportcoat. +1. It is what it is
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman It has a notch lapel on a peak lapel and the notch lapel part is satin shiny. So it can work as a business suit as well as a tuxedo for formal dinners.
Why not go the bespoke route and commision similar suits?? Price range is your only issue really
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinky89484 I will say I own about 5 Express Skinny Ties. I think their tie patterns are pretty legit. Agreed. Love their ties. They rolled out some wool neckwear this season Quote: Originally Posted by otoklucu Zara and H&M have a much higher standard in fabric and garment manufacturing.. These companies are fashion where Express is about profit & not quality.. Oh please. Cut the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Octoberfile On the other hand, Express has some really great slim fit shirts and with some coupons, you can grab them really cheap. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by WoolPants Does someone out there have a suit they bought 15 years ago that they still wear today? Of course you can alter it. Sort of. I've inherited several suits from my father (purchased about 15-25 years ago) and almost all of them have translated well into today's menswear "do's and dont's". He was really only buying conservative stuff at the time, so they've all held up nicely in relative terms of quality,...
Come on people, MW is bad even by non-SF standards. At least JAB is passable at times.
Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood Bad call here; Beat me to it
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