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The best advice I can give you? Cut out all soda/ sugary juices and replace with zero calorie options (preferably water or flavored sparkling water). You will notice pounds melt away pretty quickly
Sounds about right. Difficult question to answer otherwise
Care to either post or PM your regimen? Beautiful skin seems to attract beautiful women. For that reason I've been meaning to educate myself on the topic, but know very little about it so far
That's excellent!! The urge should continue to whittle away from a combination of the hypnosis and your own free will. I found with the nail-biting, the effectiveness grew every time I listened to it (Bonetti recommends a minimum of 21 consecutive nights).Since I've got you here, do you mind quickly weighing in on this supplement for me? You're the one that originally referred me to Spirulina about 2 years ago and this seems like a nice all-encompassing...
I'm actually taking Bacopa Monnieri at the moment. It seems to work well - most days I do feel a subtle "sharpness" that may have not been there previously. I take a laundry list of supplements - continuously rotating & experimenting with new ones. For that reason I've tried quite a few nootropics & cognitive support remedies including Gingko, Krill Oil, and ALCAR + ALA. Truthfully I've yet to find one with a "HOLY HELL IT WORKS!" type of feeling. Yes, in general I do...
any luck with the hypnosis yet?
Edit: Just noticed this was an older thread w/ an update. Good for your son! That is so awesome to hear. If he ever falls off the wagon later in life (and there is a chance he might, considering boredom/ stress/ loneliness etc. are common nail-biting triggers), I would still holly recommend hypnosis as a means to not only treat the problem but also heal it at the root. Best of luck to him!!
Speaking from past experiences, the anti-nail biting polishes and cream don't work particularly well. They could solve the problem - but in most cases they won't. That said, there is no harm in trying it. I was a SEVERE nail-biter my whole life, up until about 3 months ago. On a whim I tried a hypnosis program - and after that the urge went down about 90%. Hypnotherapy, in my opinion, is far and away the best solution. Would it work for a 7-year old? I believe so, in fact...
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