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Simple one drew for those of use not filling this thread with bullshit bitching etc, what months orders are you up to for certain products...leathers, ma-1, toj0 etc means those of us with pending orders know where we stand a little
anyone now if the raf velcro low tops in white are scheduled for a re-release in any of the upcoming collections? been trying to get my hands on a pair for a while but no luck so far
massive eyelets + laces combo always puts me off butteros and just to chime in ann d's are a size down one for me as well
cheers mate but yea 43 in those would be too large, there was a pair on sufu (maybe the same ones) i hummed and barred over for ages but decided to pass as i figured they'd be too large
nice kgfan been looking for those in white or black forever! to chime in on the multilace sizing, I'm usually a 43 in most things mmm, raf etc, us 10 in nike, 42 in cp and i got the 42s in the multilace which fit fine
[[SPOILER]] cheers
can someone confirm these rafs were ever actually released?? and not a fake all black nylon/ripstop material can't find any info on them anywhere other than an ebay listing listing says ss13 but can only find the flower print ones in the same material cheers
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