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whoever ends up opening their box to find a pair of tan chelseas they didn't order.......their mine
same here
can anyone who has successfully filed a paypal or visa debit chargeback in the uk get in touch with me..... have had the run around from both paypal and my bank the past two weeks with both stating the 120 day cut off and saying after that there is no if buts or maybes that is the final cut off. Both saying that i should contact the other because they offer longer/better protection etc.
can anyone point me in the direction of the posts or user that successfully completed a refund from paypal in the uk? gave his transaction id etc.... have searched and searched and can't seem to find it.......
http://tres-bien.com/maison-margiela/front-zip-sneakers-black 55% off only size 45 though
no TOJ0's been made/delivered yet?
I am in the UK.....tried this and 25 minutes later and even after taking to the supervisor still received the same too long ago story.......try talking to your cardholder blah blah blah
Current list: 100 nkwu ($1200) 101 arthurmouselo ($450) 102 burnsbrightest ($820) 103 sicknastyawesom ($380) 104 glove24 ($830) 105 Lifetime ($780) 106 dstrkt ($380) 107 Blue000ff ($380) 108 stineybopper ($1620) 109 kevinmaau ($380) 110 yozhik ($795) 111 skeen7908 ($830) 112 iamacyborg (~$1600) 113 cutemelon ($1245) 114 eglbc (1560$) 115 ngredient ($1160) 116 mannyo ($380) 117 yoshi ($1575) 118 jawnjingle ($1720) 119 machete hands ($450) 120 REDSTAR ($380) 121 Slyde (USD...
anyone got any on non stock/on feet pics of these
Simple one drew for those of use not filling this thread with bullshit bitching etc, what months orders are you up to for certain products...leathers, ma-1, toj0 etc means those of us with pending orders know where we stand a little
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