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They would fit a us10 in Nike (I have/am the same)
other than the panel detailing and different neck options what are the difference between the intarsia and sternberg jackets? are they basically the same cut?
yea will def be calling ups for a please explain, however its not a case of double payment as the invoice shows my initial payment and then the additional they are asking for, along zero explanation on what any proper breakdown of the costing etc. just tax, duty and fees. which they have decided to increase all of.
So after the initial £60 the UPS man demanded in tax to hand over my package i have now received a further invoice from UPS for an additional £30.......taking th f***ing piss......£90 tax on a pair of £150 shoes! Duty and vat is only 8% +20%
same as my cp sizing worked out perfect for me
Every pic that exists of any of the variations is pretty much in that KTT thread Its the most concise source of info
Just paid £57 duty/tax in the uk on a pair of chelseas Food for thought for uk/eu members
whoever ends up opening their box to find a pair of tan chelseas they didn't order.......their mine
same here
can anyone who has successfully filed a paypal or visa debit chargeback in the uk get in touch with me..... have had the run around from both paypal and my bank the past two weeks with both stating the 120 day cut off and saying after that there is no if buts or maybes that is the final cut off. Both saying that i should contact the other because they offer longer/better protection etc.
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