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After a pair of Raf Simons White Velcro Lows in 42 or 43 Prefer new or near new but anything considered as long as they aren't overly beat up Must be prepared to ship to the UK (at my cost) Cheers
massive eyelets + laces combo always puts me off butteros and just to chime in ann d's are a size down one for me as well
cheers mate but yea 43 in those would be too large, there was a pair on sufu (maybe the same ones) i hummed and barred over for ages but decided to pass as i figured they'd be too large
nice kgfan been looking for those in white or black forever! to chime in on the multilace sizing, I'm usually a 43 in most things mmm, raf etc, us 10 in nike, 42 in cp and i got the 42s in the multilace which fit fine
[[SPOILER]] cheers
can someone confirm these rafs were ever actually released?? and not a fake all black nylon/ripstop material can't find any info on them anywhere other than an ebay listing listing says ss13 but can only find the flower print ones in the same material cheers
suede brush
i don't find the rick adidas' any worse than the raf adidas' thats not to say either is any good tho
[[SPOILER]] im liking these, think they could look good beaten up a bit
this is just a mash up of other baller sneakers, complete with a sidezip thrown in
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