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I think the discount doesn't work on final sale items.
Hmm. Looked super familiar and that was what came to mind but I'm probably way wrong.
Haven't been out for a while, went out to 4 stores last night and only came home with a Maus & Hoffman polo shirt for myself and a whole lot of nothing else. One store had well over a 100 assorted SCs and orphaned jackets with everything but this tag and a white generic size tag removed. Brooks Brothers?
Here's my share code for whoever gets to it: NEW14NggDUg9U Good till tomorrow morning i think
I had some Brioni pants that I only later noticed a stain inside. I turned them inside out, made a paste with water and oxyclean and rubbed it into the stain and left it for a good 24 hours. Rinsed it off in the sink let it dry and it was gone.
One thing yesterday that I'm bummed wasn't in my size because they're the perfect summer shoe: NWOB Spring Court White Canvas (size 42, available)
You should probably be fine. I'm usually a 42 and recently ordered a 54 blazer because I heard they fit small and it was way too big in the shoulders and body. I tried some pants though in 52 and they were way too small so their sizing is all over I think.
Love Psonic Psunspot, great find. Replicas too.
Traffic was bad last night so I took another way home that passed one of my occasional stops. Came out with a pair of shell Aldens
I swear almost half this thread is from Wisconsin originally
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