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Every time I think I remember where I saw this someone mentions another store where I could have seen it. It's either Ralph Lauren or Brooks Bros but maybe J Crew. I give up.
Yoox has price adjusted for me when I returned an item and my size showed up later at a higher price. They adjusted to the lower price for me when I emailed about it.
Played a show with Wrangler Brutes in a VFW hall once
I finally went ahead on last year's black Friday sales and ordered a pair of rabbit fur lined gloves from Dents. Took about a month to get here but totally worth it. Probably cost a little of $100 I think.Yeah
Bunch of meh today really but big ups to the stores that sell CDs for 99 cents for my car
Your posts are making me feel uncomfortable, Letric
I have like 10 ties in my house right now total.
Yo dogg I heard you like tag holes so we put the tag through the back of the shirt twice Grabbed a couple things with less tag holes last night, will post later. And why not, fall biz cas uniform in the work bathroom (or: I mostly shop Yoox now) Glasses: Prada (ebay) Bag: Scully (thrift) Jacket: Barbour (outlet) Sweater: Jil Sander (Yoox) Shirt: Ingram (yoox) Pants: United Arrows (Unionmade archive sale) Shoes: Doucals (Yoox) Amazon Fire phone. Really cheap.
Had a slow start of 3 strikeouts in a row this morning then headed to another part of town.... Isaia x2 Derek Rose & Sulka pajama tops Japan Blue selvedge, Norse Projects, NWT Carhartt WIP
Not a ton of thrifts on a current road trip with my wife yet but I found a Barbour outlet Pizza and beer in a hotel bed is nice too
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