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Found a match on ebay. Everything checks out to a late version of the jacket. Buttons just didn't look right to my very limited knowledge of old Lee stuff but they check out.
cool, thanks. from the 101 first zips on ebay, appears the buttons are correct.
Any idea on the age of this? buttons on sleeves have been replaced it appears. don't see any other tags
Pop on this for me: (Underpriced consignment)
Yesterday's 91% off Cucinelli cashmere, too beautiful not to keep really
Finally liberated a cashmere Cucinelli sport coat from the local Saks Off Fifth that's been there too long. No photo yet but this is in competition for my best Saks receipt: Probably keeping if I can move all the other stuff I have backlogged.
For the (presumably) grown man that two women at Goodwill were shopping for, I will cry a little for your new outfit of pleated black pants and an argyle sweater vest.
So who else had a dream last night where they found a bunch of Brioni?
thanks razl! Offers are definitely considered!
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