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They were under $5 so I grabbed them in case. Didn't notice the no pockets.
Been in Oshkosh, WI for the last four days at a metal festival where the thrifting is terrible but beer and pizza are cheap. Made a stop on the way home tonight since it's been a while: Poor photos for now sorry... 3x Turnbull & Asser 3x Burberry Hermes 2x PS Paul Smith french cuff (L) and Steven Alan Reverse Seam (XL) Nice Collective hoodie (L) Vintage(?) Fred Perry Track Jacket (XL) Are these anything? Mandarina Duck made in Italy (EU 50/36ish waist)
I had a similar problem. Found an amazingly nice Baldessarini SC and it went for very little after many price drops.
Oh we did that too with silverwarebandit and mymainman. 2 bloody marys really help that hangover mid thrift run
maaaan I can't believe I've completely struck out my 2 trips with eazye in Chicago. Guess I need to just keep coming back...
It's pretty rare to find any on ebay, I've set up a saved search and rarely see anything. I bought a quilted vest from the Rugged Factory line a few years ago from the UK but sadly I'm not a Japanese large and I sold it.Rugged Museum is Free & Easy magazine's clothing line that is all reproduction type things. Not sold anywhere outside of Japan that I'm aware of. http://www.selectism.com/2009/10/24/tokyo-free-easy-the-rugged-museum/
Hey guys- Just got my first negative feedback today but it's sketchy. Sold a Thom Grey shirt which sold to somewhere using the GSP a month ago. Just received feedback today that was negative that said "bottom side tricolor label were the sign of counterfeit. I have several authenti" which I assume means the side stripe at the bottom. I assume they thought it should be red white and blue like Thom Browne mainline. There was no contact, reporting of the item or anything,...
Take a look at this:The two red lines are two sides of the fabric meeting. The shirt "selvedge" detail is just a single piece made to look like that.Should have more detail like this if selvedge
+1. I fell for that selvedge thing on a bunch of average Levis shirts a while ago. Made & Crafted says Made & Crafted on the label.
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