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If you can get someone to buy something at more than retail off ebay, more power to you I say. Anyone can compare prices on the retailers website and see that they can get a better price there.
Nwt nonstick armani
Went to Buffalo Exchange to get rid of a small crate of stuff I didn't want to put the time into selling and found this half off Steven Alan parka (fits M/L. Missing a button on one epaulet but otherwise great) N/A Left with that, money and most of my crate gone. Hooray.
Bunch of stops while picking up some pants from the tailors and a whole lotta nothing. Just this for myself CREEP flannel (made in China but MOP buttons and stuff)
I need this so bad
This is normally true but weirdly I found a pair of AEs in great shape for $4.99 today in my size only a couple hours after talking about how I needed to start replacing some of my shoes.
I picked up a cotton robe from Saks Off Fifth a month or so ago on their buy one get two clearance sale and regret not grabbing the other ones they had left which would have been like $25 with a $425 price tag.
I can't remember what night these finds were from. Thursday or Friday. Anyways... I know Nat picked up some stuff by S Kuhlman recently so it seems maybe they've dumped a bunch of stock around town because there was a about 5 of these coats. I grabbed a couple: Lightweight overcoat type thing from S Kuhlman with pouch to pack it in (M) available (I have it in dark green too) Arc'tyrex Polartec fleece thing. A little pilling on the back to clean up but it was half...
I passed on a pair of BAPE jeans with this same back pocket design last night but the ones I found looked terrible fake. Stray stitches everywhere and really cheap hardware.
Anyone have a rough estimate of the date on this LL Bean tag? Doesn't appear to be any other tags on the thing A few pickups tonight but nothing worth posting really
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