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What are these Filson pants supposed to be? Waxed, cut short with buttons for suspenders. Fishing? Had a pretty solid couple days here, more stuff later. Was out all day on the trail with my wife who at times was doing much better than me. One of our last stops she comes up holding a pair of Hunter boots and a Tory Burch bag. For $5 each.
Been going on a pair of Allen Edmonds in my last maybe 20 stops and getting super discouraged but finally broke that streak. Brought home a number of things, most notably (n/a):
I found a similar label recently. Glad it was nice enough to tell there's no vicuna there.
Did you get the ones with the frosting and sprinkles?
I live in a place that's too cold for a lot of nature to survive year round for a reason.
I'd go as far as burning the store to the ground and never looking back.
I am not waifish at all and I went TTS on the one I have and it fits perfect
Just saw this in our local afternoon news: Minnesota AG: Savers misleads public about what it's pocketing from donations
I'd say antler too. I've found a few Oxxfords with antler buttons before.
1/10th of retail or less is usually what i go by as far as a pick up rule
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