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Stopped by my neighborhood store for the first time in a while and was about to leave empty handed until I passed the women's scarf rack... pocket squares! (all n/a)Robert Talbott, no name, Polo, Polono name made in Italy (is this tag anything?)and counting on this being fake but can anyone confirm? [[SPOILER]]
I got a navy one a few years ago at 75% off there and it's great.Also made some money off the ones that made it to $100 that were too small...
If I had more disposable income, I'd buy the single shoe and run it over in the parking lot with my car a bunch of times.
Can you guys warm up the city a little bit for me for next week? I got enough cold up here.
I did score a Engineered Garments jacket at that new outlet mall for under $150 at Bloomingdales so it can't be all bad. I've never had good luck finding a good hotel deal in Chicago though.
Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. My Main Man texted me about this literally 15 minutes before I was going to go to the store you found this stuff at about your haul.Guessing these are not worth anything much but deadstock Levis orange tab. Any guesses on age? [[SPOILER]]
Could be leftovers from the European collection of a few years ago? I have a similar jacket from one of those. Made in Italy.
A friend of mine has a device he bought for fixing warped records (I think it's this) but there's a few different ways a record can warp and there's only a couple that can be fixed. I tried the glass plate thing once but i think i was not patient enough and warped it worse.
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