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And maybe most importantly a pair of $4.99 barely worn New Balances to ruin during winter and not care while I think about baller sneakers for spring
Grabbed some United Arrows x Unionmade chinos and a Folk jacket and zip sweater on the Unionmade sale. Got sniped on a bunch of stuff in my cart. Then on my way home I found a Brioni suit. Pics later.
Yeah the fitting one is a flannel and the non-fitting was more a lighter weight shirt. I'm probably a large
I'm still trying to figure this out. I have a medium that fits me perfect and I bought a different medium and i couldn't button it
All I know is I wasn't intending to spend $200 this morning.... but i did.
If you guys haven't seen this yet everything is going fast: http://archive.unionmadegoods.com/
I read "chocolate covered John Varvatos wool jacket"
I found a CREEP flannel last year. Been wearing it a lot this fall.
Anyone know what this might be? It's from a Hickey Freeman Sport jacket
There's a discount store here that gets them regularly for like $8. Great t-shirts.
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