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Today: Versace, Versace, Zegna, Brioni, Louis Vuitton, Leonard Paris Chester Barrie 1940s? HSN overcoat J Crew gifford, PRL (both Italy) J crew corduroy, Emporio Armani made in Italy, vintage Harris Tweed NWT Earnest Sewn BB scottish wool, Zegna sport silk/cashmere, floral embroidered Paul Smith shirt Isaia orphan
Sorry I can't get a real clear shot but what's this? 40s? Had a decent day today.
Reminds me of a thing on a friends long defunct website but saved by archive.org
First make the other person drive. Then when you enter the store shove them into a rack and make a run for the men's section so you can get the good stuff. Pretend you're sorry. Repeat.@My Main Man don't read this
I'm a 36 waist and the VII fits me perfect for the Players trousers
Wearing coats and gloves is the best part of winter.
One of my favorite cameras ever. Really need to get mine in action again.
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