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Went out for breakfast with my wife and she suggested we stop by Goodwill. It hadn't even crossed my mind that they would be open today skeet, Barbour, three staple PRL ties
I've seen better fits on a non-selvedge Christmas tree
selvedge has nothing to do with fit selvedge sometimes has to do with quality there seems to be a obsession with equating slim jeans with a tight crotch. those are different parts of the jeans. read some threads. study fits you like. learn. look fly as hell in the end. we're on a style forum after all.
Style something or other? I forget
Some of you guys really need to branch out into other parts of this forum.
Every time I think I remember where I saw this someone mentions another store where I could have seen it. It's either Ralph Lauren or Brooks Bros but maybe J Crew. I give up.
Yoox has price adjusted for me when I returned an item and my size showed up later at a higher price. They adjusted to the lower price for me when I emailed about it.
Played a show with Wrangler Brutes in a VFW hall once
I finally went ahead on last year's black Friday sales and ordered a pair of rabbit fur lined gloves from Dents. Took about a month to get here but totally worth it. Probably cost a little of $100 I think.Yeah
Bunch of meh today really but big ups to the stores that sell CDs for 99 cents for my car
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