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It's been a while since I've been to one but I totally remember finding beer bottles in the shoe bin of the weigh and pay.
LOVEDREAMBOX just showed up in my email for the US site. 15% selected items in your dream box.
Quick and dirty morning review, rest of sizes and availability maybe later Coats: Diesel Black Gold Harrington (XL), Penfield (M), Spiewak x Kid Robot (L) Pants: Wallace & Barnes (34x32), Edwin made in Japan Slim raw selvedge (33x32. discount store) Denim dudes: what's the retail on Edwins? I think these were underpriced. Shirts: J Crew slim flannel, Rag & Bone henley, Todd Snyder Shirts: Rugby, Paul Smith PS, Billy Reid made in USA Shirts: Steven Alan, Bullock...
Solid morning of work...
Morning crue
I gotta stop doubting my instincts. Thank you!
I assume this is fake but for less than a dollar combined with the time I was wrong about an Hermes scarf here goes: [[SPOILER]]
This is the only thing I see about it in the intial paypal email:"We are writing to let you know that one of your buyers opened a chargeback with their card issuer. The buyer stated that they did not authorize this purchase."There isn't anything else in the claim that states their problem.
Cool thanks, I was just doing screenshots of the sale. There has been no correspondence with the buyer at all.
I just received a credit card chargeback through paypal this morning for an item bought and paid for in October. No explanation, no ebay case opened. What should I provide besides the tracking showing it was delivered almost 3 months ago?
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