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I'm a 36 waist and the VII fits me perfect for the Players trousers
Wearing coats and gloves is the best part of winter.
One of my favorite cameras ever. Really need to get mine in action again.
Grabbed these polo shirts from a consignment store for thrift prices Friday afternoon with some Groupon + sale + another cheap item: Left to travel across Wisconsin to have my dad help me do some car repairs at price cost instead of the high labor costs here and decided some thrifting on the way down might help pay for things. Cooper A-2 cotton flight jacket (little rough but cheap) These appear to be a kit parka now that I look it up but was also cheap Cooper...
I bought a couple button down shirts and a sweatshirt by 8 during one of the clearance sales. Button downs are ok and the sweatshirt had weirdly large cuffs that are loose on my wrist. Fine for the less than $20 an item I paid but I wouldn't highly recommend anything so far.
thrift fit
Had a couple ok ties in my hand and walked to return one of them to the rack. Saw a couple good looking ties on the ground and guess what
there we go
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