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Traffic was bad last night so I took another way home that passed one of my occasional stops. Came out with a pair of shell Aldens
I swear almost half this thread is from Wisconsin originally
Euro 50. We'll see.
A few things today. First some crappier pictures Florsheim Imperial Comfortech Black Monks (9.5D) PRL Madrasy pants (34x30) (available) Forgot to take a picture of some similar stuff (Paul Stuart shirt, etc) Found these together: (N/A, need dry cleaning badly first of all) Gucci cashmere blend (size 50) Gucci black cotton/silk velvet peak lapel (size 50) Sadly had to leave a cashmere Marc Jacobs blazer and a Nordstrom made in Italy LP stormsystem fabric...
Thank you sir
One interesting find today What's the age of this thing?
I was saying this to My Main Man earlier today. Let's do it.
Some days you complain about how you need some new shirts then Paul Smith mainline, 2x Thom Grey oxfords (NWOT pretty sure, 1 had the neck plastic thing) and a mint Gitman Bros Vintage (all for me) Also any guesses to the age of this: Just noticed a couple small holes in back as i took the tag off
ughhhh it's like all my size. Time to start shaking down some delinquent ebay buyers for my money.
Hit a bunch of stores between Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee this weekend with MyMainMan while our band did a little tour. Big ups to EazyE and Silverwarebandit for hanging out and taking us to some stores and drinking bloody marys with us. Mostly not pictured for now but Fiorentini and Baker (these are men's right? Size 42) Also grabbed a Calvin Klein collection shirt, some real cheap Billy Reid shirts for myself at the Bloomingdales outlet and a few random other...
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