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Just saw this in our local afternoon news: Minnesota AG: Savers misleads public about what it's pocketing from donations
I'd say antler too. I've found a few Oxxfords with antler buttons before.
1/10th of retail or less is usually what i go by as far as a pick up rule
Only 1 thing today, some deadstock Kinsman canvas shoes. Not completely sure on the exact age:
Almost got pranked last night
4 stops last night, didn't come home with a single thing. Came home to my Unionmade order waiting on my porch, 3/4ths of which fits awesome.
Even when it's raining ice, Goodwill is still pretty busy here
Next time take it here guys: http://www.styleforum.net/t/373372/the-official-thrift-discount-store-arguing-aka-lets-take-it-outside-thread/0_30
Hit up 3 stores last night and a whole lot of nothing. Grabbed this belt and a RLBL corduroy shirt: Martin Dingman black calf suede belt 38"
And maybe most importantly a pair of $4.99 barely worn New Balances to ruin during winter and not care while I think about baller sneakers for spring
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