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Red Fleece is the hipper, younger BB line of the last couple years
A couple stops today and nothing. Did find this sweet Burberry Buybeyyer polo
I'm the same way now after moths ruined a bunch of my sweaters 2 years ago
Quick question about condition: I have a pair of pants I bought NWOT tags at a discount store that have been altered. What do you list that as? NWOT? Pre-owned?
Spent like 8 hours out yesterday with a couple of Brooks Brothers sweaters to show for it and that's about it. Followed that with my hard drive crashing and me spending today installing new ones and seeing how much I can save.
Found my first Barbour today (women's quilted jacket)
congrats bud!
Only seems to work on some of the McNairys at the top of the page, there's a 40% off graphic below the quantity if it does (like this one)
They were under $5 so I grabbed them in case. Didn't notice the no pockets.
Been in Oshkosh, WI for the last four days at a metal festival where the thrifting is terrible but beer and pizza are cheap. Made a stop on the way home tonight since it's been a while: Poor photos for now sorry... 3x Turnbull & Asser 3x Burberry Hermes 2x PS Paul Smith french cuff (L) and Steven Alan Reverse Seam (XL) Nice Collective hoodie (L) Vintage(?) Fred Perry Track Jacket (XL) Are these anything? Mandarina Duck made in Italy (EU 50/36ish waist)
New Posts  All Forums: