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Decided to take Nataku's advice and hit up his spot by my work. Parking lot was about half full when usually it's completely full of cars. Nothing amazing but grabbed: Couple of Steven Alan shirt (M & L) Rag & Bone lightweight jacket/shirt thing (M) Might get out some more tonight. I'm dressed for it.
I went to work today. REALLY tempted to hit the stores but also should go home and not be around this...
Nothing in ties worth it at the Marshalls I was at today but they had a bunch of Duchamp shirts that I couldn't tell if were a good pickup at $39 among a bunch of other decent stuff.
Got up and hit my old routes I haven't hit in a good month or so. Felt good. Nothing amazing but the quality out there was better than last time I was out here a few weeks ago. All available except the RLBL. Photos on my messy floor: Koto Chambray (large) PS Paul Smith Gingham Tux Shirt? (large) super thick Eddie Bauer shawl collar sweater (large) couple of cashmeres: RLBL and Saks Fifth Ave (large)
Ooh I missed guitar talk. I mostly play drums these days but... [[SPOILER]] alsoMan that's an awesome find. I need myself a lightmeter one of these days...
NWT unlined gray herringbone jacket from Engineered Garments from the F/W 2012 collection. Ended up being too big for me. Original retail was $516. Measurements (buttoned and laying flat): Pit to pit: 22" Arm length from seam to cuff: 27" Length from collar top: 33" Shoulders across the back: 18.5" Ships free in the CONUS. Contact me for elsewhere. $300 $275
Absolutely, can't wait to get back!
Definitely not a thrift price but was happy to close out my trip to Chicago yesterday by grabbing this Engineered Garments jacket for ~75% off at the Bloomingdales outlet:
Came up empty handed for the day but huge ups to EazyE for hanging out with my wife and I today and guiding us around Chicago thrifts.
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