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Ever go to like 10 stores in a day and pretty much completely strike out? Bought this because it was cheap and I was sick of not buying things Found these for myself at the very last stop The had a pair of Raleigh denim too but had a bunch of damage on the back of the leg
I think the general consensus is that Mr Moo was behind that tumblr after he got banned
Extra 15% off everything at Yoox this weekend (no code needed)
Extra 15% off everything at Yoox (no code)
Probably should go get this right now
When I ordered my Indys from the US store a couple years ago they were on backorder and I had to wait about 2 months to get them. I think it's pretty common for it to take a while to get Alden from them.
Spent the weekend in northern Wisconsin for a wedding and while I didn't really find anything at any thrifts, there was this:
The Spanish Unicorn Family Reunion '07
No exciting clothing stuff really in yesterday's run but I was pretty psyched to find a cleaner copy of this record I probably paid $25 for at some point:
Thanks dude
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