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I bought a couple button down shirts and a sweatshirt by 8 during one of the clearance sales. Button downs are ok and the sweatshirt had weirdly large cuffs that are loose on my wrist. Fine for the less than $20 an item I paid but I wouldn't highly recommend anything so far.
thrift fit
Had a couple ok ties in my hand and walked to return one of them to the rack. Saw a couple good looking ties on the ground and guess what
there we go
Went out for breakfast with my wife and she suggested we stop by Goodwill. It hadn't even crossed my mind that they would be open today skeet, Barbour, three staple PRL ties
I've seen better fits on a non-selvedge Christmas tree
selvedge has nothing to do with fit selvedge sometimes has to do with quality there seems to be a obsession with equating slim jeans with a tight crotch. those are different parts of the jeans. read some threads. study fits you like. learn. look fly as hell in the end. we're on a style forum after all.
Style something or other? I forget
Some of you guys really need to branch out into other parts of this forum.
Every time I think I remember where I saw this someone mentions another store where I could have seen it. It's either Ralph Lauren or Brooks Bros but maybe J Crew. I give up.
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