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Been going on a pair of Allen Edmonds in my last maybe 20 stops and getting super discouraged but finally broke that streak. Brought home a number of things, most notably (n/a):
I found a similar label recently. Glad it was nice enough to tell there's no vicuna there.
Did you get the ones with the frosting and sprinkles?
I live in a place that's too cold for a lot of nature to survive year round for a reason.
I'd go as far as burning the store to the ground and never looking back.
I am not waifish at all and I went TTS on the one I have and it fits perfect
Just saw this in our local afternoon news: Minnesota AG: Savers misleads public about what it's pocketing from donations
I'd say antler too. I've found a few Oxxfords with antler buttons before.
1/10th of retail or less is usually what i go by as far as a pick up rule
Only 1 thing today, some deadstock Kinsman canvas shoes. Not completely sure on the exact age:
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