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Got this in the mail today, think it qualifies as an e-thrift. Knew it was Isaia but wasn't sure that it was a super lightweight leather shirt jacket thing and I paid less than $100 for it. Not sure what the leather is, can't find a content tag in it.
Brioni is what I was thinking. Nothing on the buttons though. It says XL on the opposite side of the VI tag.
Before I get to logging my stuff from today, this looks familiar but missing the tag. What is it? is pretty good
Thanks to Nataku for the heads up on an estate sale that was half price today. All available Ties Breuer, Altea cashmere, Breuer, Peter Millar made in Italy, Mountain & Sackett 7 fold Sportcoats (all 44 Long/Tall): HF wool/cashmere HF HF PRL Corneliani wool/mohair Suit (also 44L) PRL Corneliani staple navy wool
Today's lesson is when things go good, keep going. Quick label shots, all n/a for the moment while I sort out sizes and make sure I didn't miss anything Cucinelli x3 (bottom is NWT) Isaia x2 Paul Smith (NWOT it appears) VV linen, Bergdof made in Italy Frank & Eileen and RRL flannels Chester Barrie DB suit old NWT unfinished Hickey Freeman H&M x Isabel Marant ladies tux jacket Zegnas Brionis Based on the company I assume this is legit, only the one tag....
Yeah. Seemed to be one guy's shirt collection ranging from J Crew through Cucinelli. Couldn't find anything in any other area so hopefully there's more.
Photos later but a midday run yielded a good shirt haul of 3 Cucinelli, a couple Isaia, RRL and some other stuff....
Is there a name for this fabric/pattern? I picked up a new unhemmed Calvin Klein Collection suit last night from a consignment store.
I thrifted this thing 4-5 years ago and finally got it fixed up and put on ebay. Sold it within an hour. Finally paid last night and it's going to a reasonably well known rock dude recording at Electric Lady Studios On another rock n roll note I got to photograph an Iggy Pop show last night so I can cross that off my list of dreams
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