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Probably or maybe I grabbed the last cheap ones
No, the email says "on 100,000 items" or something like that. Between the sale page and my dream box i did not see anything the code didn't work on.
FYI 30% off a ton of stuff at Yoox today. Grabbed a couple BBBF shirts for $29 and some other stuff. Worked on everything in my dream box.
The 30% currently appears to work on everything I looked up.
I sold a similar vintage Hickey Freeman vicuna coat with moth nibbles for $1,200 so fixing probably isnt that necessary...
I have one of these on the way from Amazon but this is great to know. I had a few items like this to experiment on and wasn't sure what way to go yet.
My wife. She has a ridiculous Pyrex collection. We use some of it. She has been watching that auction all week...
A couple of whatever pickups tonight but I think these are worth bragging: Margiela 14 cotton bomber jacket (n/a) Short in the arms and no tags but this was too cool not to get: Vintage horse cowichan sweater (probably n/a)
Nothing really in the last week except an oddly recent solitary LP:
I've been a Pentax user for a long time now. I have a K-5 IIs currently.
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