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I sometimes forget this is the only thread on the CM side I read anymore. "The kids these days in the SW&D and their craaaaazy outfits!"
No. There's shirts with this label that are not the Vintage line.I was way more excited to put on my Dents rabbit fur lined gloves today than I was for it being spring.
Here it is
I think it's been determined that it's highly unlikely it will happen to most anyone here if at all.
hi socrates
I love "giant box from yoox" day
I think this is all discount store and ebay at this point, but Monday morning work bathroom fits Sunglasses: Saint Laurent (ebay) Scarf and coat: PRL (Marshalls) Gloves: Dents (Black Friday sale) Bag: can't remember (thrifted) Glasses: Prada (ebay) Sweater: Margiela cashmere (yoox) Shirt: Finamore (yoox) Pants: Isaia (ebay)
Where is this?
Most Brooks Bros from the last 5 years or so have those tags.
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