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I gotta stop doubting my instincts. Thank you!
I assume this is fake but for less than a dollar combined with the time I was wrong about an Hermes scarf here goes: [[SPOILER]]
This is the only thing I see about it in the intial paypal email:"We are writing to let you know that one of your buyers opened a chargeback with their card issuer. The buyer stated that they did not authorize this purchase."There isn't anything else in the claim that states their problem.
Cool thanks, I was just doing screenshots of the sale. There has been no correspondence with the buyer at all.
I just received a credit card chargeback through paypal this morning for an item bought and paid for in October. No explanation, no ebay case opened. What should I provide besides the tracking showing it was delivered almost 3 months ago?
Little square over the rectangle as a markdown. As of a week ago the Apple Valley one had a sealed copy with the computer printed tag for $25 so I'm guessing they're around.
Grabbed a couple Isaia shirts and a few other things yesterday but also grabbed this at a Half Price Books for $12: Super thick hardcover Zegna Centennial book with tons of cool pictures
Friday turnip crew Levis 501XX selvedge distressed jeans (consignment at thrift prices)
Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but appears Marshalls is doing one of their clearance sales where some random nicer items show up in the clearance rack between all the Calvin Klein and whatevers. Grabbed a RLPL shirt close to 90% off retail and a Charvet shirt for less than that today.
Back home from a week in Wisconsin and Chicago. Hit about 8 stores in Chicago and the suburbs and came up empty handed making me a solid 0 for 3 there. Did come home with a stack of Japanese fashion magazines from Mitsuwa Marketplace and scored a Gitman Bros Vintage shirt, a heavy Barena sweater blazer and a few pairs of socks from Barneys Warehouse for under $200 so can't really complain.
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