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I would love to know who's paying "designer prices" for any of these brands
Walking into that sale within the last few hours and still having the kind of selection that I have a lot of regrets of not grabbing stuff...Realized I have a lot coming up and took it easy on myselfSNS, LVC and a wool EG Andover all for less than half price of the Andover's retail.
When i'm bored at work I spend an hour browsing through all her men's listings.
My wife was out Saturday morning with a friend hitting up garage sales and thrifts and sends me a picture of this ridiculous Robert Graham shirt and said it's $4. I said "I'll take it" and she replies "no, I'm getting it and you're selling it for me" I've created a monster
One find when I decided to stop at the store between the post office and home....
Discount store grab that was gone for an acceptable profit within 15 minutes of putting it on the internet
Got this in the mail yesterday. Arms are slightly long as well but fits great. Can't wait for summer to be over now...Thanks NMWA for packaging it up all nice and everything for someone buying such a discounted piece! I will be back.
I have a Scully messenger bag thing that I've used for years that I thrifted for a couple bucks. Has held up well to daily use but the leather scratches really weirdly.
Quick one today. Was on my way to photograph a hip hop festival which coincidentally there's a new Goodwill at the same exit as the park. Only one find buuuuut Isaia Suit Then I spent a lot of the day outside in the rain but I got to photograph this guy among other things Today was a good day
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