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What's the cart kicking equivalent of what you should do when the only open space in the Goodwill lot is taken up by a big shiny new Buick SUV parked at an angle into the next spot?
Cloak striped throat latch shirt (very slim Large) [[SPOILER]]
Ah cool thank you, I knew the name but not much about it.
Will do, it had a little bit of what looked like a coffee stain on a cuff so it's soaking right now. Get something better tonight.p.s. does Cloak have a website or anything? All I can find on google is ren fest bullshit
A couple finds to keep me believin' Cloak, Paul & Shark, Hartford floral (been looking for a floral for me) RLPL, T&A x2
THANK YOU I've been looking for this video for 2 days and couldn't remember what it was called. Seriously.
aw man you already pillaged our new Saks on the first day?
I tried to go once but they were closed by 6 on a weekday so I never tried again
No good pictures right now but managed to find a Brioni and Battistoni tie at a Savers in Eau Claire, WI on my way back into town yesterday on an otherwise uneventful string of stores
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