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I'm gonna spend the rest of the day contemplating the meaning of that RG shirt
Beautiful pair of brand new without box Red Wing Heritage Beckman boots. Purchased NWOB but were too big. Still has $320 price tag on the sole. A few small marks that are easily buffed off from being on the shelf but in new unworn condition. $280 $260 $225 $210 + actual shipping
Yeah it's kind of one of those things you never see on sale that much... even the outlet sale ones in Red Wing were over $200 and had obvious damage. Seems like a can't go wrong.Also a navy unstructured cotton blazer was top of my list and the LBM fit perfect.Let's do this, dudes
So tempted to go back Saturday and swipe up any unpurchased boots. I couldn't even get a used pair on ebay for this price.
Ran into Nataku at a local discount store that I was hitting up on the hot tip of half price Red Wing Beckman boots. Sadly they did not have my size. Did grab myself a LBM 1911 navy blazer for the spring at 75% off... and a pair of the Beckmans for ebay to make my money back.
Yeah, they're the jodphurs
Since I like finding out what the rest of you look like, here's my first (if rather unexciting) thrift (or clearance sales mostly) fit for the day from the work bathroom: [[SPOILER]]
A couple of thrift store strikeouts yesterday but hit up Nordstrom Rack because I needed socks and came home with 4 pairs of Pantharella and 1 pair Brooks Brothers made in Itay for $5 a piece.
Morning out with not much for results. All of these from my last stop: Orvis Made In England moleskin sport coat (40L). Antler buttons? Allen Edmonds Alpine boots. 11.5 B. Still need some more cleanup but they looked rougher a little bit ago. Left a few more AE that looked worse. Not sure if these were worth a pickup but fit so keeping for myself... Bata shoes. Crepe sole. Made in Italy From the looks of it most of the Marshalls stores are completely out of...
Threw it there for $200 OBO, have some watchers but no bites.
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