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I did score a Engineered Garments jacket at that new outlet mall for under $150 at Bloomingdales so it can't be all bad. I've never had good luck finding a good hotel deal in Chicago though.
Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. My Main Man texted me about this literally 15 minutes before I was going to go to the store you found this stuff at about your haul.Guessing these are not worth anything much but deadstock Levis orange tab. Any guesses on age? [[SPOILER]]
Could be leftovers from the European collection of a few years ago? I have a similar jacket from one of those. Made in Italy.
A friend of mine has a device he bought for fixing warped records (I think it's this) but there's a few different ways a record can warp and there's only a couple that can be fixed. I tried the glass plate thing once but i think i was not patient enough and warped it worse.
Nothing at the thrifts but grabbed one of these for myself at a discount store for around $30 to feel better about my trip
That deal made me gain like 20 pounds in college.
Got out a little this weekend but this is all I found: ODB n/a
$11.99 USD was $0.00 USD Let me know when the tie goes back to free
Don't worry, I have enough beer......for about 1 more day
I'm into this beer swap idea! Been suffering some serious withdrawl with not much time to get out and thrift in the past week. Did grab this tonight because it seemed like something someone would be into for spring/summer: Orvis gingham half lined sport coat (fits around a 42R based simply on the does it fit me test. No size or content tags). Available Getting ready to get out for some serious hunting soon, I can feel it.
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