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dude you missed the stained Zanellas
Ever take the time to hit up an estate sale at a 3 million dollar lakefront house only to find they owned all garbage? That's me today.
Here's the Brioni I posted the receipt from Saturday night: However there's one issue I didn't see until I got it home. Turns out they put the security device on tightly on a velvet jacket leaving a dime size mark: It looked a lot worse at first but I gently steamed it from inside and it improved to this point. Can a dry cleaner take care of this or any ideas? Or do i have to return this thing?
it wasn't
Nothing thrifted this weekend so far but made a pretty good discount store deal (photos later)
If it's the same one I got, you had to list items in a certain day range and sell in a certain range.
I bought some sunglasses at a Marshalls with the script and made in Italy. I later found them online and they were marked as Polo and not RLPL so the script does not always appear to be RLPL for sunglasses.
Nothing much to brag about this weekend but did grab some unlined cotton Engineered Garments ties from a discount store
I think i'm still experiencing heart palpitations from just looking at the pictures
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