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Good pass?
Price drop $165->$140 shipped
Bought these same boots with some thrifting made ebay money for maybe $120 last sale a few months ago? So far so good.
Ah shit. Guessing at least one of these are stores I frequent as well?
Good thinking and looks nice. I've only made one attempt at shirt dyeing which turned out pretty decent. I had too many white shirts that I never wear so it solved that problem for one of them.
Beautiful Hugo Boss Balessarini sport coat, made in Italy by Caruso. Light brown and white diagonal stripe pattern. Made of 100% cashmere. 3 button front, single vent. Front bottom pockets are still sewn shut. There is one small stain on the top collar that is barely visible and most likely cleanable. Please see last picture circled in red. Jacket Measurements (laying flat with middle button buttoned) Chest from armpit to armpit: 23" Sleeve from seam to end of the...
Thanks for the tip. I think they were marked 9 but I couldn't really read it. I decided $18 wasn't worth the risk tonight.
Struck out on 3 stops today. Found my first pair of Churchs but the back looked like this:
The Levis store in the Mall Of America has actually have a bunch of LVC and Made & Crafted stuff in the clearance section for the last year or so. I don't think they've gotten anything new because it's finally shrunk down pretty small now.
Actually I'm totally wrong, I did see that at MOA. I swear HarMar might have had one too but now I'm totally not sure.
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