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Anyone know what this might be? It's from a Hickey Freeman Sport jacket
There's a discount store here that gets them regularly for like $8. Great t-shirts.
Guys I had my first thrifting Brionis then waking up dream last night
I've had to look this up before too but the first Google result I get from GQ is a good synopsis:It’s hard to deal with such an extraordinary saga in a few words, so I recommend The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed, by Sara Gay Forden. Paolo Gucci was at one time the chief designer of Gucci, but he was finally dismissed from the family firm in 1982 in a dispute over management practices. His father, Aldo, tried to quash his...
Work biz-cas staring off into a dirty bathroom mirror Jacket: Mandelli (from schmidtdalton) Sweater: J Crew (thrift) Shirt: Hackett (yoox) Pants: Isaia (ebay) Shoes: Florsheim shells (ebay)
I've been to ones that say "you can show up at ___ time" and they give numbers out for when it opens. Usually for more in demand sales (I saw this with a sale that had a huge record collection that when I showed up 30-45 minutes early there were 40 people on the lawn already). Showed up an hour or two later and walked right in.
Whole lotta nothing on a couple stops today. Did grab this vintage athletic sweater thing. 50s I'm guessing?
dude you missed the stained Zanellas
Ever take the time to hit up an estate sale at a 3 million dollar lakefront house only to find they owned all garbage? That's me today.
Here's the Brioni I posted the receipt from Saturday night: However there's one issue I didn't see until I got it home. Turns out they put the security device on tightly on a velvet jacket leaving a dime size mark: It looked a lot worse at first but I gently steamed it from inside and it improved to this point. Can a dry cleaner take care of this or any ideas? Or do i have to return this thing?
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