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A bunch of stops this morning and all I got was a Aquascutum wool scarf for myself.
No that wasn't me. I found this back in May.
I was at my parents' house this weekend thrifting a car repair (my dad and brother made a $1200 repair at the dealership cost $325 in parts) and didn't really have any time for any finds. But before I left these arrived (bought 25% off from J Crew with all selling money):Alden Indy Bootsand the on the drive my phone dinged and (sorry for ebay talk) [[SPOILER]]
Since this sold over the weekend, I'll add my best find here from this year. 1950's Hickey Freeman Vicuna overcoat (original post). Purchased for $7.50 because coats were 25% off that day. Sold it this weekend for $1,200.
I have a pair of ADS bookshelf speakers I picked up a few years ago at a thrift. Great speakers. Also impressive collection!
Cute. We brought home this guy last weekend from the Humane Society (our 3rd) [[SPOILER]]
Got inspired and made 3 stops last night with a whole lot of nothing. Grabbed a (rather slim) medium Pendleton and XL blackwatch Pendleton, both not super vintage but USA made. I'll post if anyone is interested in either.
the ends on the RRL banner going up mean it's older RRL, probably 90s or early 2000s.
Photo from a friend's pumpkin carving party this weekend. Lens making my legs look weird and short. Mostly discount store: Rayban New Wayfarer (thrift) Facconable SC (75% off discount store) Jack & Jones cardigan (yoox) Hackett Shirt (yoox) Uniqlo MIJ jeans Nordstrom suede shoes (thrift)
Glad that worked, another happy reunion!
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