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that thing is dreamy
Hit some places up on the way to a friend's place wayyyy out past the city. A few alright finds:AE Woodstock (10D)Bruno Magli Captoes (11M) and the shoe trees in themFerragamo Loafers (10D)and my first (hopefully real) Hermes. checks out from what I can tell... [[SPOILER]]
Been mega slow for me here but since the other locals seem to be having some luck maybe it's time... a few things from the last week or two: Bullock & Jones cotton cashmere houndstooth shirt (L) Luciano Barbera Blue/Green houndstooth shirt (16.5) content tag worn off but incredibly soft Older Brioni wool LS polo shirt (M) vintage Banana Republic stripe long sleeve shirt (large)
Aw man, I was totally trying to find one of these cheap a few years back and never ended up settling on getting one. Guitar stuff is a pretty rare find, only thing I ever found was this 60s Airline Reverb that I've barely used since acquiring it for $15 at a thrift
That's what I always hope for whenever I'm at my parents in Wisconsin. Haven't been super lucky yet.
Yeah I kind of gathered that last time I was there last year but I hold out some hope.
Been pretty dry here for anything since I got back into things in the last week. Not much to brag about. Heading out through Des Moines, Lawrence and Wichita this weekend on a rock band playing some out of town shows trip. Gonna keep an eye out for middle America's best hidden thrift stores.
Vintage stuff that would never sell on ebay tends to sell on Etsy pretty well for cool stuff like that.
I know! I swear one of these times I'll actually have time to connect up with you when I'm in Chicago.
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