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I had a similar problem. Found an amazingly nice Baldessarini SC and it went for very little after many price drops.
Oh we did that too with silverwarebandit and mymainman. 2 bloody marys really help that hangover mid thrift run
maaaan I can't believe I've completely struck out my 2 trips with eazye in Chicago. Guess I need to just keep coming back...
It's pretty rare to find any on ebay, I've set up a saved search and rarely see anything. I bought a quilted vest from the Rugged Factory line a few years ago from the UK but sadly I'm not a Japanese large and I sold it.Rugged Museum is Free & Easy magazine's clothing line that is all reproduction type things. Not sold anywhere outside of Japan that I'm aware of. http://www.selectism.com/2009/10/24/tokyo-free-easy-the-rugged-museum/
Hey guys- Just got my first negative feedback today but it's sketchy. Sold a Thom Grey shirt which sold to somewhere using the GSP a month ago. Just received feedback today that was negative that said "bottom side tricolor label were the sign of counterfeit. I have several authenti" which I assume means the side stripe at the bottom. I assume they thought it should be red white and blue like Thom Browne mainline. There was no contact, reporting of the item or anything,...
Take a look at this:The two red lines are two sides of the fabric meeting. The shirt "selvedge" detail is just a single piece made to look like that.Should have more detail like this if selvedge
+1. I fell for that selvedge thing on a bunch of average Levis shirts a while ago. Made & Crafted says Made & Crafted on the label.
I think the discount doesn't work on final sale items.
Hmm. Looked super familiar and that was what came to mind but I'm probably way wrong.
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