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Last week there was a group of teenagers who got to the coat rack before me and one of them took a really nice looking overcoat that was 5 sizes too big for him and wore it around the store. It killed me that I couldn't check what it was.
New pair of Barena Navy Flannel Rampin flannel pants from Barneys. $435 tag has been removed but is in pocket. Slim ankle length pants. Made in Italy. Looks to be the same as these, EU size 52 (see measurements). Looks to be 98% Wool/2% lycra mix. Pants measurements: Waist: 17.5" (~1" to let out) Outseam: 38.5" Inseam: 29" (~1.5" inches extra) Leg opening: 7.5" $100 shipped in the US. or make an offer (contact for non-US shipping rate)
I was totally thinking "I should try and find that camo post" but phone reception was sketchy. It being an hour and a half away is all that's keeping me from going back to look.
I stared a long time and a field jacket like this on Friday. I think I screwed up.Lots of other disappointment in a pair of damaged Alden loafers and Brooks Brothers made in England shoes that were also cracked. Bunch of damaged AE that didn't seem worth it. Only snagged a Bloomingdales cashmere sweater for myself.
Been not getting out much for a few weeks while I try and get rid of what I got stacked up in the house. Did make a run out last night and also brought a few things home from a Wisconsin trip last weeked: Cheaney Loafers, size 7 AE Westgate wholecuts, size 9 3E Vintage cardigan (no tags at all no this so no idea of age. fits small) A couple vintage Woolrich items from a small town thrift: Wool pants, 36 (anyone got any idea of the age on these?) Gray parka,...
I don't know, I see nothing about crust punk ass flap patches in this guide
Navy blazer over a purple gingham shirt is my favorite combo. Always default to that one.
Forgot to post some recent finds but really not a whole lot of note. Was happy to here almost the entirety of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in Goodwill's Halloween music rotation tonight despite not finding anything at all.
Buying a house helped me......have more room to store stuff when I thrift more
I really need to visit Chicago soon
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