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Back from a vacation that didn't yield much thrift finds but happy to see this as I browsed some racks on my route at home today Still current
Did the same thing when I put in dimensions
Anyone having any issues with the new seller hub listing thing? I can't get it to accept any value for weight of a package no matter what shipping option I choose Update: I put in a flat rate instead of calculated and it let me submit. If anyone else has this issue though I'm curious to what I was doing wrong.
Wait, you're friends with the dude from Foetus?
6-7 stores this morning, a bunch of miles and hours and only spent 38 cents on a Paul Williams record. It happens I guess.
the sad feeling of 3 totally shredded Brioni shirts in a row
Grabbed a Champion USA made Coach's jacket that was really cheap because it seemed cool. Any idea of the vintage of this?
My wife and I hit the southern part of the state this weekend. While she came out ahead in personal finds (Pyrex collector) than my clothing finds, we both did well with this Eames replica chair + ottoman (that we drove home 3 hours in the back of a Prius):
Couple of today things (all on ebay because i need cash) 45rpm/Umii 908 Indigo Cardigan Naked & Famous stretch Weird Guy selvedge Hugo Boss wool/silk sport coat this is more of a thing than i thought so glad I grabbed it
Had a good quick stop after work...
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