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Got out a little this weekend but this is all I found: ODB n/a
$11.99 USD was $0.00 USD Let me know when the tie goes back to free
Don't worry, I have enough beer......for about 1 more day
I'm into this beer swap idea! Been suffering some serious withdrawl with not much time to get out and thrift in the past week. Did grab this tonight because it seemed like something someone would be into for spring/summer: Orvis gingham half lined sport coat (fits around a 42R based simply on the does it fit me test. No size or content tags). Available Getting ready to get out for some serious hunting soon, I can feel it.
We've had so much snow recently they can't keep up with plowing it seems even after a few snow emergencies and then it got insanely cold again. They've even banned parking on the even side of the street in my part of town so emergency vehicles can get through because there's nowhere left to plow snow apparently.
gonna thrift me a shovel!
Good to hear. Make it 5 weeks, I'll be in your town again then with hopefully some more rack hitting time.
Take it back to SteamPunkStyleForum buddy
I carry around an index card and hold it over people's faces to match up the neck down
I know I've posted a fit with this sweater before but I wear it frequently so whatever. Work bathroom shot today: Sweater: Zegna (thrifted) Shirt: Billy Reid (discount store) Pants: Isaia (ebay) Shoes: vintage Florsheim shells (ebay)
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