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Spent the weekend in northern Wisconsin for a wedding and while I didn't really find anything at any thrifts, there was this:
The Spanish Unicorn Family Reunion '07
No exciting clothing stuff really in yesterday's run but I was pretty psyched to find a cleaner copy of this record I probably paid $25 for at some point:
Thanks dude
Grabbed this at lunch. Any of this mean anything to anyone?Vintage? selvedge denim work jacket thing (fits like a large maybe) [[SPOILER]]
Oh weird, I was just in Chicago for other shows this weekend. Was actually at the Hideout that afternoon, had no idea Mekons were playing later.
Or guys on the internet see what you found on days they found nothing...Headed to Chicago this weekend. If I get a chance to thrift, I'm finding all your guys good stuff.
I bought a Kiss Destroyer tshirt in New York City at a Goodwill last week that has this same tag. In my mind it was more vintage but I think it's 90s at the very oldest.
I've only found the Barneys outlet to have great deals the couple times I've gone there.
The feeling of spending your morning reading the 1,000+ posts you missed in the last 1 1/2 weeks... Now on to my other threads to read. I'm ready to get back in the game.
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