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Our most dog-like cat
Does anyone else have a problem of being unable to follow any links in Yoox emails? Mine always go to a 404 page. I emailed their support but hadn't heard anything.
From what I understood the fits large/small also comes from a general consensus of return forms as to if it fit or not and if you clicked that it fit too large or small.
Just one thing yesterday Alden 660 (12 B/D)
Turns out luck didn't follow my Isaia find but if anyone needs a striped Zegna orphan have I got a deal for you
Probably a sign I should keep going tonight right?
Forgot my phone today to take a picture but found a pair of Dubow WWII A-9A mittens in great shape. Like these
Free express shipping through the app as well
Couple of the better things from the last couple days. Had a sad stop that left a Brioni blazer with too many stains and a Brooks Brothers Angora and Wool overcoat that had too many moth bites to make it worth the price. NWT J Crew hickory stripe harrington (XS) Golden Bear Police Jacket (L) Bemidji Woolen Mills cape
Does anyone recognize these tags on a long sleeve polo style sweater? I think Brioni uses a similar sizing format on some items but was hoping for some confirmation
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