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Yeah. Seemed to be one guy's shirt collection ranging from J Crew through Cucinelli. Couldn't find anything in any other area so hopefully there's more.
Photos later but a midday run yielded a good shirt haul of 3 Cucinelli, a couple Isaia, RRL and some other stuff....
Is there a name for this fabric/pattern? I picked up a new unhemmed Calvin Klein Collection suit last night from a consignment store.
I thrifted this thing 4-5 years ago and finally got it fixed up and put on ebay. Sold it within an hour. Finally paid last night and it's going to a reasonably well known rock dude recording at Electric Lady Studios On another rock n roll note I got to photograph an Iggy Pop show last night so I can cross that off my list of dreams
Back from a vacation that didn't yield much thrift finds but happy to see this as I browsed some racks on my route at home today Still current
Did the same thing when I put in dimensions
Anyone having any issues with the new seller hub listing thing? I can't get it to accept any value for weight of a package no matter what shipping option I choose Update: I put in a flat rate instead of calculated and it let me submit. If anyone else has this issue though I'm curious to what I was doing wrong.
Wait, you're friends with the dude from Foetus?
6-7 stores this morning, a bunch of miles and hours and only spent 38 cents on a Paul Williams record. It happens I guess.
the sad feeling of 3 totally shredded Brioni shirts in a row
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