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I've had luck with:Turn pants inside outCarefully apply a very thick paste of Oxyclean to all stained lining partsLet sit at least overnightFill tub with a few inches of water, gently wash out the caked on oxy pasteHang dry but make sure to stretch the waist out fully to keep shapeSaved an Isaia suit or two in the last year
Is this J Press? In a tuxedo jacket.
Thanks, I assumed it was fake but it was cheap and i've never seen any in the wild. Didn't pick it up.
Can anyone tell if this Supreme knit is real by tags? [[SPOILER]]
Overhead kid at a Goodwill after his dad explained why people wear suits mostly for business and it makes you look more trustworthy "Suits make you look like a used car dealer and nobody trusts them"
Yes, munchkin
Our most dog-like cat
Does anyone else have a problem of being unable to follow any links in Yoox emails? Mine always go to a 404 page. I emailed their support but hadn't heard anything.
From what I understood the fits large/small also comes from a general consensus of return forms as to if it fit or not and if you clicked that it fit too large or small.
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