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Stopped by a Nordstrom Rack this afternoon. This LBM 1911 double breasted coat sadly was not on clearance but I think I'm gonna regret not picking it up at about 75% off retail anyways: Mostly junk in the clearance but a couple random things like a Junya Watanabe CDG blazer in there (just a plain gray one, nothing that cool)
Levi's M&C men's is numerical sized. 1-5 or something like that.
Just one real thing from yesterday, subtle green tint Brioni SC with ticket pocket. (n/a)
Every time I visit Chicago, Mitsuwa Marketplace is a required stop where I buy all the Japanese fashion magazines like this that I can. Love flipping through them.Building up a small collection:
What's this tag?
I was looking at those months ago. Geisha is the women's line from my research.
No hangars but I've gotten a garment bag with a Zegna suit before from Yoox
Just because it exists doesn't mean anyone actually wants it
Spotted at Nordstrom Rack last night:
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