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Consignment for cheaper than the Bostonians and Cole Haans that surrounded them: n/a
I found an empty beer bottle in the shoe bin of our outlet. Not sure if it was for sale.
Last time I went to one of these I was with @My Main Man and he found just one pocket square. It didn't register on the scale so they had to charge him 1 penny.
Just one thing today that I paid up just a little bit (under 10%) for it but a first for me n/a
That is a truckload of ugly shoes
Stack of Zegna 15mil15, silk & wool, etc sport coats plus a few more from lunch run: All like 54L or 56L or something like that
Got this in the mail today, think it qualifies as an e-thrift. Knew it was Isaia but wasn't sure that it was a super lightweight leather shirt jacket thing and I paid less than $100 for it. Not sure what the leather is, can't find a content tag in it.
Brioni is what I was thinking. Nothing on the buttons though. It says XL on the opposite side of the VI tag.
Before I get to logging my stuff from today, this looks familiar but missing the tag. What is it?
KEH.com is pretty good
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