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I bought these a month or so ago and returned. I'm a 6-7 in various Schneider pants and they were too tight for me.
Assuming fake but anyone know anything about MCM wallets?
When you find something that's actually on your list of exact things you were looking for for yourself and it's a size too small... To make up for it I grabbed a perfect fitting Boglioli K Jacket at a consignment shop for under $100
True, in my mind the more pockets and business card holders and such seemed like a good idea but in reality I guess it's mostly for some documents, a notebook maybe and business cards.Looking at This Is Ground on yoox right now as well, thank you.
Suggestions for a business folio type thing? Bought this Atelier De L'Armee one from Mr Porter sale but just got an email that they had an inventory mistake and didn't actually have it. Preferably something along the same lines.
Had my eye on a Futuro coat for a while that got snagged before me that I was wondering about. Have a few sweaters from 8 that were both super cheap and decent for basics. Sizing wasn't consistent though in my experience.
too good to be true, cancelled
Just two pickups today Willis & Geiger Saul Steinberg framed Galerie Maeght 1973 exhibition poster
I didn't but it's not a bad idea. I'm sure the whole method could be improved in multiple ways
Maybe stretch wasn't quite the right word but yes you're right. Something to keep it pulled flat? Probably not the best method I know. The oxyclean is just adding water to a cup till you can stir it. Thick enough that there is no water to run.Not really the safest method all around I know but it's worked.
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