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Cloak striped throat latch shirt (very slim Large) [[SPOILER]]
Ah cool thank you, I knew the name but not much about it.
Will do, it had a little bit of what looked like a coffee stain on a cuff so it's soaking right now. Get something better tonight.p.s. does Cloak have a website or anything? All I can find on google is ren fest bullshit
A couple finds to keep me believin' Cloak, Paul & Shark, Hartford floral (been looking for a floral for me) RLPL, T&A x2
THANK YOU I've been looking for this video for 2 days and couldn't remember what it was called. Seriously.
aw man you already pillaged our new Saks on the first day?
I tried to go once but they were closed by 6 on a weekday so I never tried again
No good pictures right now but managed to find a Brioni and Battistoni tie at a Savers in Eau Claire, WI on my way back into town yesterday on an otherwise uneventful string of stores
Red Fleece is the hipper, younger BB line of the last couple years
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