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Back from a week of vacation, probably not gonna read a million missed messages but vacation thrift fit Beach Boys (yard sale) Saint Laurent (ebay) Uniqlo LVC (clearance sale) Not pictured: free intense sunburn
I'm against pleats 95% of the time at least but didn't you guys have a fit over someone calling tassel loafers ugly not very long ago? Same thing
Not mine but checking for a friend if these are anything [[SPOILER]]
The name change I think was 2013 so between then and now. Hedi just left so it's for sure him if tagged Saint Laurent Paris
Consignment for cheaper than the Bostonians and Cole Haans that surrounded them: n/a
I found an empty beer bottle in the shoe bin of our outlet. Not sure if it was for sale.
Last time I went to one of these I was with @My Main Man and he found just one pocket square. It didn't register on the scale so they had to charge him 1 penny.
Just one thing today that I paid up just a little bit (under 10%) for it but a first for me n/a
That is a truckload of ugly shoes
Stack of Zegna 15mil15, silk & wool, etc sport coats plus a few more from lunch run: All like 54L or 56L or something like that
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