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No. There's shirts with this label that are not the Vintage line.I was way more excited to put on my Dents rabbit fur lined gloves today than I was for it being spring.
Here it is
I think it's been determined that it's highly unlikely it will happen to most anyone here if at all.
hi socrates
I love "giant box from yoox" day
I think this is all discount store and ebay at this point, but Monday morning work bathroom fits Sunglasses: Saint Laurent (ebay) Scarf and coat: PRL (Marshalls) Gloves: Dents (Black Friday sale) Bag: can't remember (thrifted) Glasses: Prada (ebay) Sweater: Margiela cashmere (yoox) Shirt: Finamore (yoox) Pants: Isaia (ebay)
Where is this?
Most Brooks Bros from the last 5 years or so have those tags.
Probably or maybe I grabbed the last cheap ones
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