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At least hipsters will approve. And isn't that what really matters?
As stated, 60 is fairly common. That can vary quite a bit, though. It seems like my undergrad university was approximately 40.
Did it in college. It's not worth it. Even on a cardigan, the buttons will be reversed. It's obvious. May be tempting, but it screams hipster and/or too lazy to find a slim fitting mens equivalent.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I dont recommend it. I'm not convinced that this company is doing anything that a larger corporation couldnt rip-off quickly. They'll also have supply chains already in place capable of supplying to this audience in short-order. If not already, then they'll have the cash to make it possible quickly. This. From a cursory standpoint, it sounds like a decent idea. But, the odds are seemingly...
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