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Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I have a pair of cocolate suede Mezlan shoes. They aren't bad, but fit smaller than they should be. I'm willing to part with them for a very reasonable price if you are looking for 9/8.5D US. Ah, regrettably, I'm a size 12.5 US. I tend to have trouble finding items in my size. Thanks though.
I'm currently looking around for a few new shoes. In particular a grey/grey-blue and a white/beige. Here are a few I've been looking at. - Marc Jacobs, suede. Wish these were lighter. - Mezlan, suede - Vivienne Westwood, leather (kind of ridiculous...but fun?) And for white... - Florsheim (leather, leather, leather, suede) - Cavallini, suede Thanks much for any comments or alternative suggestions. My price range is to about $500 or so, and I'm looking for a...
I was looking around for a gray suede shoe, and Zara had something that matched that pretty well. It's relatively inexpensive, so I thought it might be a decent first pair. And a Paul Smith cardigan. Colors are most accurate on the left side, where the striping is purple, cream, and grey. It's been marked down 25%
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull I worked retail in college and, for better of worse, you develop a formula in your head after a while where you know exactly what someone will buy (if anything) based on their looks/clothing. Out of curiosity, what was it you looked for? Or was it more a general sense?
Thanks greatly for the review!
Two questions. Does anyone know how the sizing of Viktor & Rolf jackets compares? I'm largely wondering about the shoulder size. Also, I'm looking for a white tuxedo jacket. Can anyone identify this one or something like it? Tapered (satin/sateen/silk?) shawl collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May No shit. And wait until I at least post something before you start talking about me, fuck. Nice Collective / K.Z.O. / Incotex / Nice Collective / Wings + Horns Don't really know why I ever considered selling these boots. Click for full size. Wow. I really like this. Nice combination of colors and textures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Sartorial I'd love to tell you in detail but my computer isn't pulling up the images for some reason, not sure if they're actually broken or if my browser is just not doing it's job. Basically I can just see where the shoulders, biceps and triceps are touching the fabric, and I watch to see how the curvature of the arm moves down his body. When the shoulders aren't right, you can tell that his shoulders aren't actually...
It is...kind of delightful how much the orange matches Lucky's hair.
Heh, yeaah...I kind of figured that I might just have transferred my love of the first one to the second. Don't suppose anyone knows a place I could find it? Or perhaps a different brand but a similar look?
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