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Brand new in box Sanders Holborn chukkas in UK 9.5 (US 10.5) in black suede. Sanders makes these in a British G width. $215.
For the NY stores, which is superior? Madison Avenue or SOHO? We have one in DC, so I am just looking for inventory really.
What is the consensus on the Need Supply x Alden Church Hill Indy boot? I am on the list for the Madison whiskey Indy. Does the Church Hill boot bring enough distinction to rationalize a purchase?
SOLD: Brand new Alden x Epaulet Milkshake Suede Indy Boot in 10D. Comes with the original box and boot bags. These are made on the Trubalance last, so this pair will typically fit someone who is a true-to-size 10.5D. These have Alden's Commando sole as well as a 360 degree storm welt.
Where did you find ravello tassels? Pelle Linea were the only folks that I know of that stocked them, but they have been sold out for some time.
Sorry to come tardy to the party, but depending on your size, Epaulet has alpine grain shortwings for $368.
I am a Brannock 10.5D. I wear a 10D in the Barrie/Tremont/Van last, and 10.5D in the Aberdeen/Plaza last.
Yes, they are both on the Aberdeen. Now, some folks claim that shell models are slightly larger. So, for something like a loafer where there are no strings to tighten the shoe, it can make a difference. Personally, I wear a 10.5D in the suede tassles and a 10.5C in shell tassels. This is the only shoe that I wear a C width in. I hope this helps.
Those are the same model as the boot in the middle!?! That is amazing, especially the edging. They look like a pair fit for Harrison Ford.
Be careful with those whiskeys in the rain. I wore mine in the rain earlier this week, and even though I dried and brushed them heavily afterward, I am worried that they have permanent water marks.Does anyone have any clue if these are "fixable," please?
New Posts  All Forums: