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I have the BB pair, and they are too tapered to be Barrie lasted. I suspect that they are on the Aberdeen last, and I recommend folks size TTS.Very attractive shoe, although I haven't totally figured out what one wears milkshake suede with, without doing the Southern dandy look. Any advice?
This may not be a popular sentiment on SF, but Allen Edmonds are the Chrysler of shoes to me: they look good from a distance, but upon closer inspection, they only have the illusion of quality and style compared to Aldens. The material, burnishing, and designs are just not as good as Alden. Also, I feel that Allen Edmonds fall apart easier.So, using the same car analogy, does it make sense to own a Mercedes (Alden) and a Chrysler (Allen Edmonds) in essentially the same...
They seemed to have pulled Aldens from their site.
Dark chocolate suede is so great. If it weren't for the brass hardware, this would be a great boot and I would have no reservations buying it immediately. However, brass hardware is the plantation crepe of 2014: en vogue, but fugly enough to summons a pass.No brass hardware and no speed hooks, and the dark chocolate indy would have been the perfect boot.
For Indy fans out there, Unionmade dropped a few interesting new models. Also, one sharp NST.
I don't know about making these beaters. The greasy black suede is popular in Europe at the moment. Brown's has a pair of Alden Indys in Earth chamois for almost $1k! These are great when paired with grays and blacks.
Good catch! So close! Why do they always have to ruin nice things with plantation crepe soles?
There seems to be increased interest in navy reverse chamois like that offered by Tassels. As it is not shell, perhaps we would have a chance to do a similar makeup stateside. Has anyone tried this angle with any US shop, and would anyone be on board? I could see this being really amazing with no speed hooks, and darker edging. Actually, I could see it being awesome in a cap toe, like the Alfred Sargent x J. Crew boot.
If this were #8, you could reach out to one of the Alden stores and see if they could darken the lighter shoe to match the darker. I truly have no idea if that is possible for ravello, but it it worth a shot, especially for ravello at that price.
I just went through this the other week. The first review on Brooks Brothers' website was correct for me: I ordered them in my Plaza / Aberdeen size of 10.5D, and they felt short and rubbed. I sized up a half size up to 11D and they fit much better. I know a lot of folks say that the Snap last is essentially the Aberdeen, but I did not find that to be true.
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