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This might be the most disturbing music video I've ever seen(to date now). Anyway, here's the link (NSFW):
The most messed up music video I've ever seen was by a band called Cattle Decapitation. I'll give you a hint what the video was about -- the title of this song was called "forced gender reassignment."
+1After seeing it for $20.39 on Steam, I just knew all my free time was going to go to this.
I don't know exactly what your problem is, but Kotaku and other sources have reported that bad HDMI ports are causing people to get a fuzzy display or no display at all.Kotaku article:
I'm mostly waiting it out to see who develops more exclusives and new IP, but since I've always been a PlayStation fan since the first generation, I'll most likely buy the PS4 first.
Me too.I mean, from what I've seen on live streams, videos, etc. the game seems like a blast, but suffers in the fact that it's not only short, but gets repetitive/problematic in the combat mechanics.
Can't wait to play this!
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