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Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 my new fit Eason approved.
http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/art/m...pplication.php Quote: The classic replica sneaker from Austria in the 70's is always in the collection. This version comes in smooth calf leather. The MMM-leather patch in the tongue and vulcanized rubber sole. The tongue has an elastic band so you can use the without laces. Here comes the model with the significant paper application made with real paper. Made in Italy. hahahahahaha Oh dear.
Past or present, what TV shows do you admire for somebody's style? Just watched White Collar season one, got to admire one of the lead characters - Neal - for his style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Sleigh Bells, The Black Keys Hypnotic Brass Ensemble You'll forgive the large font size once you've given them a listen.
I know one friendly, open-minded, outgoing guy who likes all kinds of metal music. He dresses like a metal-loving cowboy. All the others I know are close-minded elitist nerds adamant that all music sucks except metal.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Willy and Berlin Report made my day. thanks gents, especially Willy... thats a first class lol factory right there. 5700 Clothes fit you very well. Can't make my mind up on the colour combination however (though I think it's great to see something more original like this with colour!) might just be personal.
http://streetetiquette.com/ Great blog
EDIT: V. sorry... wrong forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaveD Thanks for any responses. IMO, Change Tshirt for a button down shirt, plain white would be fine (a plainer tee could also look good - depends on how casual you want to look) Hem trousers, then roll a bit - rolled trousers with boat shoes is good look (popular at the moment anyway). Lose the hat... I think it makes you look like one of those wannabe-stylish types - who don't manage to appear...
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