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Your clothes look to fit well which is a good start - just browse the threads here and you'll beigin to build up an idea of what you like and don't like. I'd personally recommend you get jeans with a longer inseam leg though - they'd look much more casual (and more stylish) if you had some more stacking going on.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^no I'm curious, what don't you like about it?
Yes or no? (Sorry about the huge pic... wanted everyone to be able to appreciate the mohair striping.) At £140 this is a very big purchase for me (I'm 17) so i'm not sure whether to drop the cash...
You know this means the really irritating, awkward one from your office or school can now turn up uninvited at any of your gatherings?
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense those are pre-washed!?! Yeah, at £30 they're a great buy really - I just wish they did like a 38" leg cause I really dig more stacking.
Quote: Originally Posted by sebastianm ^^ Im not really a fan of pre-washed jeans but those in your second fit actually looks quite good. What are they? Uniqlo? Yeah they are, T000s. I agree they are pretty nice for pre-washed, really though they aren't long enough in the leg for my taste cause they only stack a little - I'm thinking about stretching to some Diors (19cm or 17.5s... not sure) when I get the money from commissions.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy was it a freindly cock block (by freind or wingman) a random cock block (unknown dude) or the hot chicks fat freind cock block? Well what I normally experience is friendly (joking) cock-blocking... i.e. anything from "Why are you drawing love hearts round X's face? (I do a lot of art, this was during drawing portraits of friends)... BANTER!" to "Get in there, lad" So I guess these are probably waht you'd...
What are you wearing on holiday: [IMG][/IMG] ^note, all fits well in above pic - I'm just stretching upwards in the above pic, hence the belt showing I'm new to this so just some quick info- I'm 17 and come from England. Pics at home in future will be better (tripod/ ledge to rest camera on)
I haven't yet devised any witty comebacks for a situation like this... so I'm at a loss to how you should respond... so please share stories of when you've been cock-blocked and how you've dealt with it!
I think the sunglasses look great on you JD (especially in the side angle) but I really can't stand shorts with a suit - I've yet to see it done well.
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