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I'm in my last year of school and a teacher at my school asked one of my art teachers who had done one of my paintings, because they were interested in buying it - I assume they intend to approach me about it at some point. I'm quite nervous about it because this would be my first painting sale and I have no idea how much is a fair amount to charge, or how you go about negotiating a price. I'd have to do a reproduction so I still have a a painting like it for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 kind of interested in the following, help me choose or avoid disaster, as my knowledge of knitwear is zero. Dont have crazy money to be spending either. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] 2nd looks great, even though it does appear to be a shameless copy of the insideout pattern idea shown on some MMM knits. Whos it by?
100% Cashmere, reversible
Love it, just want to see what others think
Fit on those APCs looks sick, Binker - what line are they? Also asobu, loving the knit - details?
All price points are welcome - just want to get an idea of what shirts are out there that will fit me well. I have a +J shirt and the fit is fantastic, seeing as I've always had the sleeves rolled - but when I unrolled them recently noticed they would be about an inch too short if I wanted to wear them like that normally. Cheers guys EDIT: For reference I'm about 6ft4 and 180lbs/80kg
Those of you who wear lots of luxe designer clothing like MMM, Lanvin, Jil etc. how much do you buy at full retail price? Or is the case simply you can afford all the nice clothing by being sensible with your money and buying on sale/ yoox/ gilt or second-hand on B&S/ ebay?
This will cost you a little, but you can buy Wifi-dongles which have their own internet, you get them on plans like phone packages. Might be worth considering.
Gold duke of edinburgh steeze: Check out the stacks on those gaiters
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Pretty lackluster and not in a good way, plus I've handled it in person. No thoughts really meaning pass. Ah ok, cheers... looking back at it now I can see what you mean... kind of looks tatty before it's even been worn. CLOSE UP How about this?
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